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  • 9/30/2011
    Debt reduction committee:

    As long as the USA continues to pay radicalized jews to murder Palestinian Muslims
    there will always be Muslims who want to kill American citizens.
    1.5 Billion Muslims. Unfortunately they are justified in doing so.

    Crusading in Iraq has not been good for America.
    To save 100 of millions of dollars.
    Stop paying radicalized jews to murder Muslims, then cut the Homeland security budget by millions, maybe billions.
    Cut the CIA budget, cut the NSA budget.
    Just please stop pouring my tax dollars down the rat hole is Israel.

    Weak minded religious idiots killing weak minded religious idiots is not good. Crusading.
    War on Terrorism, created by insanity.
    The insanity of the past has overtaken the present.
    We must learn from our mistakes.

    The jews are not special.
    Please stop pouring my tax dollars down the rat hole of Israel.

    Dave Frasier
    2231 Remington Way
    Bozeman, Mt 59718

  • When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Montana Post: I read your article on Troy Downing. It was excellent. Maybe you could do this: The corporate office for Downing’s storage solutions is in Newport beach, CA. The address is 3 San Joaquin Plaza. I believe Troy has a home in West Hills, CA. I think it would be wise to see if there was a way to get a photo of both the corporate office and Downing’s home in CA. When debates are held for the four GOP candidates for the US Senate either the debate moderators or even candidates like Judge Fagg or Al Olszewski should hold up a photo of the Downing CA home and ask him about keeping his residency there.

    The GOP candidates are too mild in their debating.

    Thank you.

    Gary Carlson

  • please send a link if possible where you obtained the information about Daines voting no for the Butte VA facility and where he said it was a disaster. I would like to post this to the MT GOP facebook page. thanks, Lori (AKA Cory Briar’s mom)

  • Auditor’s office has been pretty clear that taxpayer dollars are not being used for their invest in Montana tour. The funding comes from the same source Monica Lindeen previously used in the same office for her penny tour. Private dollars from the securities industry. Thought you’d want to know.

  • This is frustrating because I cannot participate on a platform I actually use like email. I use Facebook as little as possible, Twitter not at all, and instagram only when I have no other choice. I am betting the approach to the over 55 would reach more of us if you did not require a platform many of us do not use.

  • I am commenting on your article titled – “Who does Mary Caferro really represent”? Ronald Reagan had one thing right when he referred to the 11th amendment – “thou shallt not speak ill will about fellow Republicans” (or something similar to that). The nasty maneuver of stabbing a person in the back while feigning faint praise, might work with some people but you really pissed me off. The single reason our state has Medicaid expansion is because some Republicans made sense out of crossing over and supporting something good for their constituents; having done so, they forever damaged their relationship with many in their own caucus. I’ve met Robert Farris-Olsen, seems like a great guy, very bright future, exactly the type of person we need in politics. I’ve said to my wife that Democrats often – “eat their own young”; the implication that Mary Caferro feathers her own nest
    in a “Pay for play” scheme is a shameful thing to put in print, especially for someone who I am guessing is claiming to be a good Democrat? While you’ve indicated you’ve given C-notes to candidates you support, it’s BS zealots like yourself who mirror the Republican politicians you demean. I’ve given many, many hundreds of “C-notes” to Democratic candidates over the years. That said, I’ve given C-notes to many Republicans as well. I’ve given even more C-notes to entities like Helena Industries, like Westmont, like Intermountain – I belief that if you can afford to provide “C-notes” to multiple Democratic candidates, that if you really want to make a difference in the world (in our state) – you’ll put your money where your mouth is and give directly to those most in need (as well as to those politicians who actually make government work like the Caferro’s, Cooks & Jones’s of the world).
    Shame on you! Jim Edwards

  • I’m Facebook friends with Greg Gianforte, personally.
    His *entire* profile is simply him meeting with constituent groups and individuals allover the state of Montana, and meeting with Montanans when they visit D.C., along with an occasional food or hunting picture.
    You published literal fake news, and I will share your posts with hundreds of screen shots of Greg meeting with Montanans if you don’t remove it.
    Stop lying. You published absolute garbage today, and if you have any integrity, you should feel bad.

  • Thank you Josh for your saving words. I want to go to the mountains and scream and scream and scream…

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