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“A day of glorified hate speech.” ~ Newsweek No sitting President ever. Never. A President wouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do this, but Donald Trump is not President of America. He is President of his donors, his Fox News...

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First the conundrum – how does Missoula protest a Trump visit? After hearing rumors of a Trump rally, I envisioned a thousand protesters lining Highway 10 from the airport to Reserve Street. Since Trump isn’t leaving the immediate airport area, it...

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See You There…

Missoula has risen to the challenge presented by Trump’s October 18, 2018 visit. While Trump and his adorers stage a small event or lame photo op or whatever they want to call it at a hangar outside the airport, there will be a far larger...

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Trump coming to Missoula?

It could be some of the greatest guerrilla theater the Garden City has ever seen. According to KTVQ, Trump is coming to Missoula on Thursday, Oct. 18. He’ll be stumping for Matt Rosendale and Rep. Greg Gianforte, and also because he holds a...

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Women’s Lives Don’t Matter

One could not believe Dr. Christine Ford and believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The sexual assault suffered by Dr. Ford either happened or it didn’t. Either she lied about it, or he lied. “I can’t remembers” or alcohol blackouts or FBI “wham bam, thank...

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