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“A day of glorified hate speech.” ~ Newsweek No sitting President ever. Never. A President wouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do this, but Donald Trump is not President of America. He is President of his donors, his Fox News...

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See You There…

Missoula has risen to the challenge presented by Trump’s October 18, 2018 visit. While Trump and his adorers stage a small event or lame photo op or whatever they want to call it at a hangar outside the airport, there will be a far larger...

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Candidate Spotlight: Lee Bridges for HD 92

Written by Lee Bridges “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” That’s a quote by Margaret Mead that I have embraced all my adult life...

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Gianforte Assaults Montana Way of Life

Guest post written by Grant Kier Gianforte Launches Assault on Public Lands Congressman Gianforte is proposing two bills in Congress that amount to the largest reversal of public lands protection in Montana’s history. From the Upper Missouri River...

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In still developing reports online about the unannounced lockout and termination of the Missoula Independent Union it has come to light that Lee Corporation and the Missoulian may have stolen work product from their former employees. These claims...

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