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When you ask Kathleen Williams who her political hero is, you get a surprising answer. It’s not a woman. It’s not even a Democrat. It’s Dick Knox. Dick Knox was a rancher from Winifred who served in the Montana legislature for several sessions in...

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Trump visits Missoula. Sad.

Today I’m deeply disturbed. My emotions are raw. There’s a void, a hollowness. That’s what comes from a Trump rally. I’d like to think there were decent people at the rally, for the most part, from Ravalli, Lake, Flathead...

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The Original Nasty Woman: Jeanette Rankin

You really owe it to yourself to listen to this excellent podcast about Jeanette Rankin and Montana’s current Congressional race reported my Montana’s own Mara Silvers. It’s outstanding and a reminder that Montana is long overdue for another woman...

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