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Tag - Rehberg

DISCLOSE Act blocked in Senate

As was expected, the DISCLOSE Act was blocked in the Senate today.  The vote went down 51-44 (remember the days when a majority usually got a bill through the...

VoteVets spot hits Rehberg

Today, VoteVets launched a hard-hitting ad going after Rehberg’s lack of willingness to fund essential services for of veterans. VoteVets was...


Developer Denny recently released an outlandish and blatantly false ad attacking Sen. Tester and his record.  The ad uses fake headlines from a fake newspaper...

“Out Here”

Senator Jon Tester recently released a new ad that reminds us why we elected him in 2006. Simply put, he’s the real thing.  Simple and to the point...

Strohmaier calls out Diane Smith

Yesterday, Congressional candidate Dave Strohmaier issued a challenge to his primary opponents entitled “Strohmaier Calls on Primary Opponents to Support...

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