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Category - US Politics

Plamegate Redux

It continues to get deep. Arianna Huffington has another great piece about the role played by Judy Miller, here. A well-connected media source e-mailed to say...

An Anniversay We Cannot Forget

Sixty years ago, the world seemed like it was ending for the people of Hiroshima. A city that had largely been spared the horrors of World War II, an island of...

Intelligent Design and Bush

Must fight the urge…to make cheap shot at Bush….intelligent design… So, now that the insurgency in Iraq is in its last throes, President Bush...

Rove Lie? No!?!?!

Well, there has been one positive development in the Rove case. Conservatives are finding love in their hearts for lawyers. The fine right wing folks over at...

Does it work?

Content-Disposition: inline It would be really cool if this worked. — "Just? That is a= terrible, candle-snuffing word. Just." –Finding...


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