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It seems unnecesssay at this point to make the argument that GW has been an absolute failure as a compassionate president, but his failure as a conservative–at least in economic terms may be more telling. Nick Gillespie at Reason Online...

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Bush is Finally Beating Terrorism

Too bad it is in a poll listing America’s “Most Important Problem”:
War in Iraq
Now 18%
Economy and jobs
Now 16%
Gas/oil crisis
Now 5%
President Bush
Now 5%
Now 4%

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The cover story in the upcoming 17 October issue of the New Republic attempts to identify the 15 biggest hacks in the Bush Administration. I am not surprised to find that Bush had nicknames for some and they he rewards those closest to him...

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Hubris Time.

the American public and media cannot help but wake from their collective slumber to demand something better.

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Ahhh…excuse me?

Apparently, during meetings with foreign leaders, Bush let out that God had told him to root out terrorists in Afghanistan, eliminate Saddam Iraq, and push for a Palestinian state. I have several thoughts: 1.) (Insert any joke here…come one...

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McCain Statement on Torture

It’s a long passage, but worth reading. I’m no fan of John McCain, but he is a man of principle and intellect. If only the South Carolina smear job had failed. Mr. President, war is an awful business. I know that. I don’t think I’m naïve...

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Quote Week Continues…

In the conclusion to his 5 part series “In the Footsteps of Tocqueville” (registration required), Bernard-Henry Levy offers this incisive criticism of the modern Democratic Party in a description of a Democractic gathering: The fact is...

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Cheers to National Books Circle Critics Award winner Sharon Olds for her public refusal to attend a White House function sponsored by Laura Bush: In a public letter, she writes: “I tried to see my way clear to attend the festival in order to bear...

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Quite a week in politics…

Certainly Delay’s issues should be dominating headlines, but the other news in town was the apparent ethics violation by Senate Majority Leader Frist. It seems that the term “blind trust” means both trust AND blind. My favorite...

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How in the hell did Karen Hughes become an Undersecretary of State? Could this work to turn around anti-American hostility? In the regional press, editorial skepticism, if not hostility, greeted Hughes’ first overseas trip in her new role. “The Arab...

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I’m not a PR guy, but…

It strikes me as plain silly to arrest Cindy Sheehan. Whether you agree with Cindy’s fight or not, her persistent voice was an embarrassment for the Bush administration both in and out of Crawford. It seems, though, her journey across the...

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