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Category - The Media

As I predicted yesterday, Donald Trump has cut loose one of the major liabilities of his administration. The corrupt, self-dealing, Scandal-Ridden, narcissistic moron that is Ryan Zinke. The White House reporter for the Washington Post, Josh Dawsey...

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Beware the Race Reductionist

A HOSTAGE SITUATION has emerged on the left. And progressive policies like “Medicare for All,” a $15 minimum wage, free public education, a “Green New Deal,” and even net neutrality, are the captives. The captors? Bad-faith claims of bigotry. Beware...

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More media concentration

Another media conglomerate has moved into Montana. No, it’s not Trump TV but the image above was so compelling and it could be the way television ownership is headed. This time, it’s the E.W. Scripps Company buying nine TV stations in...

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