Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:
“This is a storm that requires immediate action now.” –President Bush.
4 days and 10 hours after the storm.

Right on Target

Jack Cafferty, CNN: No one – no one – is saying the government is doing a good job in handling one of the most atrocious and embarrassing and far...

RFK’s Hurricane

It’s always interesting to me when someone I admire so clearly gets something wrong. A recent post by Robert Kennedy Jr. at the Huffington Post links the...

Democratic Challengers to Burns

A great post by Wulfgar about the lack of specificity among the Democratic candidates seeking to unseat the Senator for the Saginaw Chippewas, Conrad Burns. He...

More on Burns…

Until something breaks on this story, I promise this is my last post about it…. Seriously: I really want to understand this issue from all perspectives...

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