Tuesday’s Election in Helena

While it is unsurpising that “The Paper of the Status Quo”, the Helena Independent Record, has endorsed retaining the Helena City Commission, it is...

Welcome Back, Mike!

Mike Brown is one of those utterly insignificant people in history that, as Baudelaire wrote, one is embarrassed to discuss, because no one will remember him...

Hope Springs Eternal

HeHateMe (what the hell is that about?) at Big Sky Democrats is getting awfully excited about Monica Lindeen’s “traction” in the House...

Hubris Time.

the American public and media cannot help but wake from their collective slumber to demand something better.

Linda McCullough: U R sew write!

Montana’s Superintendent of Public Schools, Linda McCullough, has some intriguing ideas about education, specifically about writing. At a recent meeting...

Not the Blame Game!

Having badly lost the first round of America's favorite game show "The Blame Game," the Bush Administration is busy getting to the work of rebuilding the Gulf...

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