Facts in Five: May 16, 2006

Some guy at a site located at leftinthewst.blogspot.com speculated that John Morrison had his eyes on higher office: I think John Morrison may be angling for...

Anyone Seen My Softball?

I must have left it here. I’m sure someone else will have deeper thoughts on this piece by Charles Johnson, but a couple of items stood out: A Morrison...

Odd Convergence of Stories

The fine, thoughtful operatives at WRIM are very critical of the governor for not having had his dog on a leash. The Independent Record has a story about a...

Time for Tester To Go For Broke?

Mike, over at The Last Best Place, thinks that Jon Tester has been too timid on the Morrison ethics issue, and needs to go all out, if he hopes to win the...

Top Five for May 11, 2006

Say you’re going to write the conservative screed of the moment, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. Does it reflect poorly on...

The Top Five for May 10

The Congressional Research Service last month offered up a primer that someone might want to send over to the Bush Administration’s Justice Department: A...

See Jon Tester’s New TV Ad

It’s not exactly overwhelmingly issue-oriented, but it’s catchy, and at least, unlike Conrad Burns, Tester tells the truth in his ad.
View it here.

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