Way to Go, Congress!

The members of the Republican controlled Congress voted themselves a $3,100 annual raise today, the same day that the House voted 217-215 to cut $700 million from the food stamp program. Compassionate conservatism? Not to the estimated 235,000...

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Tuesday’s Election in Helena

While it is unsurpising that “The Paper of the Status Quo”, the Helena Independent Record, has endorsed retaining the Helena City Commission, it is clear that Alan Peura should replace Marc Parriman on the commission. The IR’s...

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Welcome Back, Mike!

Mike Brown is one of those utterly insignificant people in history that, as Baudelaire wrote, one is embarrassed to discuss, because no one will remember him in fifty years. Well, perhaps the good folks of New Orleans will. This afternoon, watching...

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Hope Springs Eternal

HeHateMe (what the hell is that about?) at Big Sky Democrats is getting awfully excited about Monica Lindeen’s “traction” in the House campaign because she has managed to raise $100,000. It’s a little too early to break out...

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Hubris Time.

the American public and media cannot help but wake from their collective slumber to demand something better.

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Linda McCullough: U R sew write!

Montana’s Superintendent of Public Schools, Linda McCullough, has some intriguing ideas about education, specifically about writing. At a recent meeting with the Board of Public Education, McCullough offered this insight: Superintendent...

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Not the Blame Game!

Having badly lost the first round of America's favorite game show "The Blame Game," the Bush Administration is busy getting to the work of rebuilding the Gulf Coast by seeking to blame environmentalists for the flooding of New Orleans.

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The Insufficient Record is at it again, with a hard-hitting press release defending the decision by Carroll College to withdraw an invitation to a representative from Planned Parenthood to a discussion called “Science at the Edges of...

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This American Life on Katrina…

I am an avid listener of “This American Life” on public radio and this week’s edition was very moving. Check your local schedule to see if is to still play in your region, or you can purchase this week’s program on Audible...

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The New York Times reports yesterday on the quality work done by FEMA after the hurricane hit New Orleans: Hundreds of firefighters, who responded to a nationwide call for help in the disaster, were held by the federal agency in Atlanta for days of...

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His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.

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