Author - Sheena Rice

A professional rabble rouser, Sheena is a Butte girl now calling Billings home. She loves Montana, music, politics, cheap beer and dinosaurs. She hates the big banks and pants. All of her posts are done on her own time and of her own accord and are not associated with the organization that she works for.

Over. For Now….

Phew. The partial government shutdown is over and the US is no longer on the brink of default. Once again we have not fallen over a fiscal cliff. This story is...

Scarier than Citizen’s United?

This past week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission. The focal point of this case is aggregate...

An Introduction…. Of Sorts.

My name is Sheena Rice, and since you are now reading this, I am apparently a new contributor to Intelligent Discontent. Figured before I get to writing the...

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