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Author - James C. Nelson

James C. Nelson (Ret) was an associate justice of the Montana Supreme Court. He took office in May of 1993, following an appointment by then-governor Marc Racicot, and he retired on December 31, 2012.

The End of Accountability

After the collision of two Navy warships and the consequent loss of many sailors’ lives, this sage editorial advice appeared in the May 14, 1952, Wall Street...

Women’s Lives Don’t Matter

One could not believe Dr. Christine Ford and believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The sexual assault suffered by Dr. Ford either happened or it didn’t. Either she...

There Has Got to Be a Better Way

There has got to be a better way of selecting our federal judges and justices than the political theater we presently use. The present poster-child is the...

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Must Not Be Confirmed

The most precious of our constitutional rights—and the most vulnerable—are those protecting uniquely human, personal rights of individual privacy, autonomy...

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