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Author - jessefranzen

I love Montana.

This Time a Pessimist

I kept my mouth shut all summer and through the fall on gun violence, because I don’t have a viable solution that hasn’t already been made that we...

A Library is Good for Everyone

A library is an equalizer for the whole community, it’s a place, where anyone, regardless of anything, can get information and educate themselves.  A...

Citizens Unite!

I like simplicity and logic, and political advertising isn’t different than any other advertising.  Ads work.  They work really well, otherwise no one...

Forecasting Elections like Poker

Nate Silver baffles me with his brilliance.  In 2003, he came up with a new statistical measure for baseball that was bought out by Baseball Prospectus because...

Mitt’s Dirty Taxes

Here’s what’s irksome about Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his taxes: he wants to keep things secret.  At this point, I’d hope most...

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Should Democrats in Congress Begin Impeachment Proceedings?

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