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Author - Evan Barrett

Evan Barrett, now retired and living on the Butte hill, is a regularly published political columnist in many Montana daily newspapers. Though never an elected official, Barrett’s political and governmental experience includes three years as Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party and twelve years on the Democratic National Committee; senior staff positions with Governors Forrest Anderson, Tom Judge and Brian Schweitzer, Congressman Pat Williams and Senator John Melcher; and campaign management positions with Judge, Williams and Melcher. Barrett is a recognized Montana historian, teacher and award-winning chronicler of Montana’s progressive past.

John McCain: Character and Contrast

With our current leadership bereft of values, Senator John McCain’s passing has caused much of America to reflect upon the values that McCain exemplified. ...

Political Civility: Dialogue not Diatribe

I love talking with a wide range of folks about history and philosophy, government and law, politics and policy.  I’m a Democrat, but many of my best...

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Should Democrats in Congress Begin Impeachment Proceedings?

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