The Montana Post Endorsement: Shane Morigeau for State Auditor

The Montana primary season is heating up, especially the campaigns for Governor, and they are getting fierce, but don’t forget about some races on the ticket that are crucial to Montanans like the State Auditor’s office. The State Auditor, or more accurately known as the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, is a crucial statewide elected official that has vast authority to monitor and regulate industry in Montana including the ever crucial health insurance industry. 

Montana State Representative Shane Morigeau is running for State Auditor as a Democrat.

Rep. Shane Morigeau has been a champion for the working class, for our public lands, healthcare and an endless advocate for the voiceless. It was Representative Morigeau who championed the changes to our statute of limitations laws for sexual violence last year after the Miles City scandal. Shane Morigeau’s work allowed those who had been violated to seek justice.

It is for this reason alone I could endorse him, but I was a volunteer, a blogger, and advocate for Medicaid expansion last legislative session and I often spoke with Representative Morigeau outside of committee hearings to figure out how I could best fight to pass Medicaid expansion as a citizen. He was always willing to talk, to explain complex details or just listen to me gripe about the Republicans in the legislature.

Shane didn’t gripe about them, nor did he tear them down, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He helped pass Medicaid expansion in Montana and it was through Representative Morigeau’s willingness to be bipartisan, Governor Bullock’s efforts, and many citizen activists that it was accomplished and we passed Medicaid expansion in Montana, again.

I have always prided myself on my dedication to healthcare policy as a citizen activist and I trust Shane Morigeau to do everything in his power for to fight for Montanans to get the healthcare they need and I trust him to monitor and regulate the insurance industry in Montana.

It is for these reasons that I enthusiastically endorse Shane Morigeau.

But don’t just take my word for it, Shane Morigeau has also been endorsed by Denise Juneau, the Montana Conservation Voters, the Montana Federation of Public Employees and according to his website almost all of his Democratic colleagues in the legislature. 

Denise Juneau

Here’s what our favorite former Montana elected official, our friend Denise had to say:

“I am endorsing my friend, Shane Morigeau, for State Auditor because Shane works hard and doesn’t quit. He will bring common sense, honesty, and accountability to the auditor’s office.” said Denise Juneau. “As a legislator, Shane set aside partisanship and worked across the aisle to get things done in Helena: protecting public education, lowering healthcare costs, safeguarding public lands, and strengthening the economy.” 

Shane Morigeau has also been endorsed by the largest union in Montana, the Montana Federation of Public Employees, outgoing President of the MFPE Eric Feaver had this to say:

“He will serve as the official advocate for Montana consumers in disputes with their insurance companies. He will beef up the auditor’s investigative arm, take legal action against bad actors, and crack down on junk insurance and bizarre health sharing scams. He will ramp up statewide programs to educate the public and the media to demand transparency in the actual cost of health care and insurance products.”

And Shane isn’t afraid to take on the big fights:

It is for these reasons that I am excited to endorse and watch the career of Shane Morigeau.


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  • Denise is Blackfeet and Mandan Hidatsa, Shane is Salish and Kutenai
    (BTW, the Blackfeet pushed the Kutenai to the westside of the divide,
    a couple centuries ago; nice time for rapprochement). Seven tribes in Montana. Wouldn’t it be great to get them all behind Shane? Along with the rest of us?

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