The Koch Brothers Are Back in Montana Spreading Covid-19

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Industries’ dark money arm of politics, was seen tabling and signing up volunteers at the COVID-19 rally on Sunday, walking alongside Republican candidates at the event.

Just like the astroturf rallies of the Tea Party, the oil and gas giants, Koch Industries and Betsy DeVos are organizing protest rallies around the country and in Montana against stay at home orders. Just like we’ve seen so many times before with this type of corporate organizing.

These are corporate America rallies, using fake populism to get workers to risk their lives for the stock market.

I cannot find a more clear example of corporate America not caring about the health of workers.

The truly sick part about the whole charade is that real people are hurting. The economy is suffering, but forcing vulnerable people and frontline to be exposed to a virus that has not left Montana will not solve the crisis.

The real crisis and suffering of American workers are being used by the Kochs to get what they want, stock prices up, tax breaks kept, and worker’s in economic servitude.

If these people really cared about getting people help, they would be asking their bought and paid for representatives, like Steve Daines and Congressman Gianforte, to get back to work in Congress, fix the SBA loan program for businesses, put more money in the Paycheck Protection Program, and get the stimulus checks out to people, rather than wasting time putting Trump’s signature on the checks.

If Congress had done its job, workers and businesses would be able to stay afloat while we flatten the curve. But they failed, and the real worry and anger of the people of Montana are being co-opted by the corporate will of the Kochs.

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