Guest Post: Shane Morigeau is the Advocate Montanans Need as State Auditor

As a former Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, I know what type of leader it takes to fight for and protect insurance and securities consumers. In my opinion, Shane Morigeau is the best candidate to serve as Montana’s next State Auditor.

While Shane Morigeau and I were raised on opposites ends of Montana, we both grew up in working-class families who lived paycheck to paycheck and grew up with the same desire to fight and advocate for others.

I fought every day to make sure Montanans were treated fairly by insurance companies, that rates were based on sound data, that perpetrators of securities fraud were brought to justice, and that victims of fraud were made as whole as possible. Shane is committed to these same goals.

This office requires a leader who will put politics aside and work with both sides of the aisle, a Governor of any political party, and the industry, to find common ground and do what is best for consumers. Shane proved this type of leadership as a legislator who tirelessly worked with all parties to pass important legislation that provided strong protections for students and child sex abuse victims.

Shane began his career as an advocate and attorney representing the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. During this time, he joined me, the Governor, and the legislature, as a leading voice for the tribes in the coordinated effort to pass Medicaid Expansion in 2015. The result led to the percentage of uninsured Montanans dropping from 15 percent to 7.4 percent.

Before earning his law degree at the University of Montana and a Master of Laws at the University of Arizona Law School, Shane spent his summers fighting fire, obtaining his pilot’s license, and earning a Bachelor of Science in resource conservation. These experiences only served to deepen his appreciation for our public lands.

Shane’s love for Montana and the quality of life provided by our wilderness areas, public lands and state and national parks began under our big blue sky in the shadow of the Mission Mountains. He is an avid hunter and angler and will serve us well as one of five members of our State Land Board, which oversees Montana’s millions of acres of public land. Shane will never shrink from the duty to ensure public access to public lands.

I watched Shane as an advocate, a legislator, and a leader fight for Montana and the values we all share. He has the passion and desire to make a difference and will help lead Montana in a positive direction. Shane will bring dedication, hard work, compassion, common sense, and strong leadership to the office. Please join me in supporting and voting for Shane Morigeau as our next Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.

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Monica Lindeen

Monica Lindeen served as the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance from 2009 to 2016.

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