Gianforte lies while raising campaign funds off coronavirus relief package

This guy wants to be our next governor. From a Greg Gianforte fundraising blast:

Nancy Pelosi is out of control. Pelosi ordered Democrats across the board to reject the first two drafts of a critical economic relief package because socialist measures like the Green New Deal, tax payer funded abortion clinics, and other pet projects were not included in the bill.

No, no and no. First of all, the House has been in recess all week making it difficult for the Democrats to reject anything. If, however, Gianforte was referring to actions taken before the recess, it should be noted that the the House version of the stimulus package (a much more modest bill than the Senate’s version) was passed by a bipartisan 360-40 vote. It even had Trump’s blessing. If he’s referring to the Senate, it was four Republicans who held up the bill until its final passage Wednesday.  

And I would have been thrilled had the Green New Deal been included in the economic relief package, but it wasn’t, as Media Matters reports under the headline, “Right-wing media launch bogus attacks on Green New Deal to spin failed coronavirus relief bill vote”:

The fact that Green New Deal policies were not part of the negotiations around the coronavirus relief package did not stop right-wing media from continuing its long-standing strategy of using any opportunity to attack the Green New Deal.

As to “tax payer funded abortion clinics” claim by Gianforte, nothing could be further from the truth. From

A viral Facebook post falsely claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “wouldn’t release 8.5 billion for Coronavirus without abortion funding.” There is nothing in the bill specific to the issue of abortion and (the Facebook post) conflates and confuses provisions contained in separate legislative proposals.

As always, Gianforte bandies about the word “socialist” early and often (bold font and italics are his):

It’s clear that Democrats in D.C.’s Swamp will do whatever it takes to enact their socialist policies regardless if it puts millions of American lives at risk.

Followed by a plea for donations:

Pelosi and the Democrats’ actions are disgusting. That is why it is absolutely critical that we win this election in November. Montana is seen as a top target for Democrats to expand their socialist ideas. Can you rush in a donation right now to help us stop the Democrats in their tracks?

Socialism is fine for Wall Street and the banks, airlines and cruise ships, but for working stiffs? Well, let’s not go overboard. In a previous Facebook post Gianforte says:

We need to act swiftly, but we’ve got to do it wisely as well, and I share the sense that we need to take the time to get it right and make sure we do it in a bipartisan way because the health of the American people is more important than partisan politics.

“Swiftly …  take the time … more important than partisan politics,” he writes, before lambasting “socialist” Democrats. Pay no attention to the contradictions, just send money.

Can you appreciate that Gianforte is not in charge of our state government — trying to bring people together during these perilous times? He is most definitely not gubernatorial material.





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