“The Perfect Time for a Crisis,” says SOS Stapleton

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In his latest official e-newsletter, Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton outdoes himself and the office he holds, if that’s even possible.

There are so many concerns in our upcoming elections that Stapleton fails to mention in his rambling notification. The agency he heads should be focused on coordinating health and safety protocols for voters and election personnel. He should be promoting mail-in ballots, setting up drive-through locations, doing voter outreach and taking the fear out of casting a ballot.

Instead, Stapleton’s post says because we have elections, we’ll be OK. Here’s the link to his bizarre newsletter.

He recounts his “thrifty” grandparents, that we need to be “grateful for our constitutional republic” and other unrelated subjects. Then, after mentioning that “Many small businesses will not make it. Many people will get sick.” and “Well, hard times are coming back,” he says,

We are not helpless, in the face of hardship, the way some countries’ citizens are helpless.  We have choices.  We get to choose the people who lead our state and nation in these difficult times. …It is the perfect time for a crisis.

As far as the elections go, this assumes county election departments, under the secretary of state’s leadership, are prepared for the upcoming challenges facing the electorate, and election officials. I have faith in our county election administrators. In Corey, not so much. 

Or as one Facebook comment read, “Oh yeah Corey!!! It’s the perfect time to have my small business go under….and a perfect time to get sick and die, too….YOU FULL ON ASS HAT.”

Stapleton’s malfeasance in office is astounding. Here are just a few of the gaffes we’ve written about at The Montana Post. Against the wishes of about every county elections administrator in the state, he opposed mail-in ballots for the 2017 congressional special election, costing Montana taxpayers $750,000. He cried “voter fraud!” when none existed. There’s the misuse of state resources and also a sweetheart deal for his buddy in Billings to reprint voter information pamphlets. The reprint cost Montanans $265,000 after Stapleton’s office screwed up on the initial printing.

There are another half-dozen or so instances of questionable Stapleton practices, from insulting Montana’s tribal members to completely dropping the ball when Republican operatives attempted to give the Green Party ballot status during the 2018 election cycle. If you’re sheltering in place and have lots of time on your hands, here are more Stapleton miscues.

I’m sure you’re also aware that Stapleton is a candidate in the Republican primary for Montana’s sole U.S. House seat.

There are many potential crises facing us, and pointing out Stapleton’s exhaustive list of shortcomings may not be at the top of your concerns. But the 2020 elections are of critical importance and his bizarre self-promotion, instead of assisting and reassuring voters and election officials, is unconscionable.

There’s one line in his missive that I agree with. “It’s a fascinating time to be quiet,” he writes. Unless you have some useful information to impart, Corey, I would recommend you practice some quiet time yourself.


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'Papa’ Pete Talbot is first and foremost a grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren. Like many Montanans, he has held numerous jobs over the years: film and video producer, a partner in a marketing and advertising firm, a builder and a property manager. He’s served on local and statewide Democratic Party boards. Pete has also been blogging at various sites for over a decade. Ping-pong and skiing are his favorite diversions. He enjoys bourbon.


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  • You want to vote Dem in 2020? March 23. Democrats blocking Republican efforts to advance the massive stimulus bill for the second day in a row.

      • Mark is just a Repuke ass wipe who cares only for himself. He’s my grandmother in pants. Willfully ignorant; hardheaded; money hungry and demanding more. Calls himself a Christian but refuses to practice Christianity. Would be fun to practice on him what Jesus did to the money changers in the temple.

    • No, Mark, the Dems are blocking massive bailouts to the GOP’s corporate sponsors. As expected, Republicans are shorting health care providers and the working class to line their own pockets. This from Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden: “I just voted no on the partisan #COVID19 bill. Here’s why: while nurses are being forced to make their own masks and gowns, McConnell and Trump are busy creating a taxpayer-funded slush fund for their buddies.” And, like you Mark, Montana Republicans are politicizing the vote. From an a MT GOP email blast: “Senator Tester Takes Part in Dem Obstruction, Blocks Coronavirus Relief Package.” No, Tester is more concerned with small businesses, farmers and ranchers, and working-class Montanans than corporate CEOs and Wall Street. But keep playing politics during the pandemic, Republicans.

      • Excuses are like elbows….bottom line, we are not moving forward. Where is the heath care promised in 2018? So you believe Chuck Wyden Schumer blindly? How much are insurance companies and big pharma donating to the Dems? You want single payer heath care. Heck, we have it already. Most states only have one provider on the health exchange. 32 percent of counties for individuals looking to buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act online marketplace have just one choice for their insurance provider. See you in November.

        • Slush fund. That is like telling a general in the field he can not carry a handgun. I hope you know a good surgeon to get that boot removed from you know where.

          The GOP plan also outlines provisions to give small businesses $300 billion in federally guaranteed loans, moves back the income tax-filing deadline from April 15 to July 15, provides numerous tax cuts for corporations, and authorizes more than $200 billion in financial support for hard-hit industries such as airline which is left to the Treasury Department’s discretion.

          Tell this to your local small business you support trashing this and the Boeing employees, Delta and other airline employees in your town. How many of your friends working for corporations do you know that have got laid off? Good job guys. Tell your friends it won’t hurt to go a few more weeks. See you in November.

          • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said House Democrats will introduce their $2.5 Trillion Counteroffer version of the stimulus package to respond to the coronavirus, offering an alternative to the bill currently under discussion in the Senate.

            I am hearing the Pelosi bill has broad implications for the financial sector. It would force lenders to grant a temporary reprieve from mortgage and car payments and credit card bills, and order the Federal Reserve to provide loan servicers with liquidity to give borrowers to stop paying their mortgages for up to 360 days.

            Public housing residents would also temporarily not have to pay their rent, and student loan borrowers would also have $10,000 of debt forgiven.

            Negative consumer credit reporting would be halted and foreclosures and evictions would be banned.

            Humm, wonder what else this will have? Raccoon Colonoscopies.

            • Negative consumer credit reporting would be halted. LOL, so creditors see no credit report or a big dead spot, and so then they drop you like a hot rock. Those that have reports will all be good. They will love that. Nancy is doing there work for them.

          • Mark says: “(the GOP bill) provides numerous tax cuts for corporations, and authorizes more than $200 billion in financial support for hard-hit industries such as airline which is left to the Treasury Department’s discretion.” Allowing Mnuchin to dole out money to his favorite industries isn’t particularly reassuring.

  • Thank you Pete. Was hoping you’d cover this absurd, tone-deaf garbage. It left me deeply unsettled from the minute I opened my email this morning. And with the news being what it is in general, that is saying something.

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