Greg Gianforte: Cash is More Important Than Your Mother

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Every now and then, people tell you exactly who they are. When Greg Gianforte put up a no trespassing sign blocking access to a public waterway, he told us who he was. When he punched a reporter for asking a question and then lied to law enforcement about it, he told us who he was.

And last week, in an interview (captured by American Bridge) with the Montana Business Blog, he told us who he was:

“I took a class one time at a university, it was an entrepreneurial class and the first thing the professor said at the beginning says if you remember one thing from this class and only one thing remember this: cash is more important than your mother and we’re gonna write it down because we knew it was going to be on the test.

And that seems to reflect how Greg Gianforte would govern the state of Montana if elected.

While a member of Congress, he helped pass a massive tax cut that gave him more cash while voting against measure after measure that would improve the lives of ordinary Montanans, your mothers and fathers included.

While I don’t know exactly when this video was filmed, it’s telling that it was posted just as the country started to come to grips with the coronavirus pandemic.

Gianforte, who only seemed to become interested in the coronavirus issue once the stock market took a dive, has failed to provide meaningful leadership or reassurance to the people of Montana during this crisis. He’s failed to back the Governor’s call for strong measures to contain the virus and entered the fight late. Perhaps most importantly, Gianforte has failed, despite his close personal relationship with the President, to question the absolute absence of leadership and conflicting, inaccurate messaging from the White House over the past few months, a colossal failure that could cost thousands of lives.

And despite President Trump’s repeated efforts to cut the CDC budget, Congress has actually maintained and even increased funding for its programs. But guess who voted against many of those budgets? Congressman
Greg Gianforte, who happily took a massive tax cut that mostly went to the wealthy instead.

That’s because for Congressman Gianforte, “cash is more important” than almost anything else.

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  • As long as he helps put cash into the pockets of Montanans through economic growth I also think cash is king.

    We need Greg to get in there, along with strong majorities in the legislature to finally start repairing the damage done by Gov. BS.

    I think this cycle we have the perfect storm brewing.

    A wildly popular President at the top of the ticket, and an incredibly weak Democrat field.

    Unfortunately I’ll miss it, as I’m moving to the midwest, but I’ll be rooting for a Montana recovery to begin next January!

    • Good riddance to E. – maybe you could stay in the midwest? Montana has historically done far better under Democrat leadership than GOP – look it up!

    • Sad for the midwest getting you and happy you’ll be gone from here.
      Economic growth at what cost, E? Have you followed what he has done to this state? He only fills his pockets; not your nor mine and he certainly doesn’t care about the poor and struggling people. Your departure is a blessing for Montana. Take your greed and money hunger with you.

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