Clueless on coronavirus: Peter Christian and U.S. House candidate Debra Lamm

A Republican candidate for Montana’s sole U.S. House seat, Debra Lamm, said Friday on KGVO radio that the coronavirus pandemic is really an attempt by Democrats to “take out” Trump. Here’s Lamm:

“I believe it’s an attack on the president as much as anything to make him look bad … they blow it out of proportion, it’s gone a bit too far.”

After a couple of softball questions from host Peter Christian, Lamm continued:

The democrats have made this a major problem for the president. It’s mass hysteria and the media have definitely ramped things up. The economy has been doing so well … it hurts the Democrats because they can’t take the president out … what’s the best way to kill the economy? You gotta have this catastrophe.

To Lamm’s way of thinking, coronavirus is a construct of the Democrats to torpedo Trump because the economy is doing so well.

The COVID-19 discussion starts at about 21:00 minutes in. You really should listen to as much as you can can stomach from this quintessential Republican candidate. Lamm’s insight into coronavirus follows a discourse on public education. She weighs in on other subjects, too, but on the pandemic Lamm opens with this:

I trust the president in decision making. I think he’s a very thoughtful president. He certainly cares about all people. I don’t discount what the president says at all. 

History will judge these words harshly, I hope.

Christian, the host, asks, “Did we act too fast on this?” followed by him saying, “it’s too much” and then “at what point did we cross the line?”

The line Christian refers to is “putting all of our lives on hold … because of a germ.” Putting our lives on hold would be preferable to the alternative as the many thousands who have died in Italy, Iran, China and South Korea would attest, if they could. (They must have been in on this defeat Trump conspiracy, too.)

Remember that Lamm was chair of the state Republican Party until very recently, before her run for Congress. She continues to represent the Republican Party’s messaging.

I wonder where the other Republican U.S. House candidates are on COVID-19? (There’s a herd of them.) Corey Stapleton, Matt Rosendale, Joe Dooling and Timothy Alan Johnson, care to share your thoughts on the pandemic?



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'Papa’ Pete Talbot is first and foremost a grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren. Like many Montanans, he has held numerous jobs over the years: film and video producer, a partner in a marketing and advertising firm, a builder and a property manager. He’s served on local and statewide Democratic Party boards. Pete has also been blogging at various sites for over a decade. Ping-pong and skiing are his favorite diversions. He enjoys bourbon.


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  • Thanks, Pete, for writing this. Idiocy such as what Lamm spouts was pathetic, but is now deadly. People need to understand that covid-19 is real and not some political construct.

  • Given the well-known compassion of far-right conservatives, I expect to see Ms Lamm eagerly volunteering to spend a few hours each week helping care for people under treatment for the exaggerated effects of this virus. Since its contagious nature has been “blown out of proportion” she won’t need to bother with all that silliness about protective measures or avoidance of direct contact.

    Just think of the benefits to her campaign of all that “public exposure.”

  • “I trust the president in decision making.”
    No you don’t girl. No. You. Don’t.

    “Thoughtful president”
    Who makes fun of our disabled brothers and sisters on national television.


  • My Good God, how do these people even get up in front of the public. Does she really believe the rest of the world is killing people to help the Democrats in America? Does she think that if you are a card carrying Democrat you are immune to this Virus? This Republican Party has stooped to a new low!

    • So, you agree with Ms. Lamm’s statements, Mark? It’s been blown out of proportion just to make Trump look bad? “It’s mass hysteria and the media have definitely ramped things up?” May I interest you in airline tickets to Northern Italy?

          • Try as you may, Mark, there’s absolutely no way in the world you can make this woman look good. As to impeachment, it’s a damn shame the Senate didn’t convict because we’re now stuck with the most incompetent president in memory to be a leader during an epidemic not seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu. But I enjoy the Brits’ take on it (they prefer “malignant shit funnel” to “incompetent”).

            • And you are / were pushing Hillary, Joe and Bernie. Nice try. You really want another Benghazi? Joe and Hillary really did well on that one.

              • Are you trying to make her look bad or you stupid……

                Maybe Joe will put Hunter in charge of the virus battle. Hunter does need the money. I wonder if China is still feeding Hunter money, the Ukraine quit….LOL

              • Another BenGhazi? Which of the EIGHT investigations, led by foam-at-the-mouth GOPers, that ALL reported there was nothing culpable are you willing to cite in your mouthing??

    • @markie – Please tell us you’re going to volunteer to join Ms Lamm in caring for the sick – since the effects are overblown and the entire situation is a hoax perpetrated by those nasty, evil Democrats.

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