Interview with John Mues, Candidate for US Senate: Fighting Against Economic Inequality, Authoritarian Impulses

John Mues is running for the Senate because he believes in public service, worries about the health of democratic institutions and the economic inequality that exacerbates it in the United States, and is certain that Senator Steve Daines is failing to uphold his oath to the Constitution as our Senator.

In an interview with the Montana Post on Wednesday, the Naval Academy graduate and Navy veteran, former teacher, and current energy engineer discussed what’s driving his bid for the Senate and the policies he’d support if elected.

Mues opened our policy discussion by noting his growing concern about the trendline of growing authoritarianism since the financial collapse of 2008-09, condemning Representative Greg Gianforte for body-slamming a reporter and Senator Steve Daines for labeling political opponents as anti-American.

That line ran through the discussion, as Mues returned to why he believes Senator Daines is “unfit” to serve as Montana’s Senator. Asked what Senator Daines’s biggest failure as a Senator was, Mues took him to task for failing to meet his obligation to the Constitution in his refusal to put adherence to what is right ahead of blind loyalty to President Trump.

On healthcare, Mues argued that “health care is a human right,” but argued that the most important goal must be focusing on the pragmatic steps we can take to improve coverage:

Health care as a human right…. I think all the wrong questions are being asked, though. The question isn’t do you believe in Medicare for all or do you believe in the public option or do you believe in more incremental change with the Affordable Care Act.

In my view if you can hit a home run, hit a home run, but if you can hit a single don’t say I’m not going to hit a single because I can’t hit a home run. And if it means that you’re going to do a bunt you do a bunt.

On the broader question of economic inequality, Mues was especially critical of the 2017 tax cut, calling it:

one of the more shameful on patriotic moves in American history. At a time of unprecedented economic inequality, to vote to exacerbate economic inequality and to burden future generations of Americans and Montana’s with record trillion-dollar deficits.

He also supported a federal living wage and acknowledged that some sort of subsidy might be necessary to help small business owners transition to higher wages.

For the rest of the interview, in which Mues discusses why he believes he is best-positioned to defeat Steve Daines, the Trump trade war and its impact on Montana agriculture and more, listen below.


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