Missoula County Republicans Share A Bigoted Call for Violence

The Missoula County Republican Central Committee is doing its part to remind us that a certain segment of the Republicans are the deplorables that Hillary Clinton once warned us about. This afternoon, they posted the comedy stylings of a singer-songwriter sharing “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again,”  a song that features all the elements of a Republican cocktail: homophobia, transphobia, racism, and calls for violence.

For those of you unwilling to watch the video, here are some of the lyrics:

“When they throw B-Hussein-O in Guantanamo…”

“When the pole gets close I bet Mayor Pete will take it on the chin…”

“When someone tells Kamala Harris she can’t sleep her way in…”

“When they all hang for treason I’ll vote Democrat again…”

“When they campaign on killing babies…”

“When the Jews and the Arabs call a truce, when Caitlyn’s back to being Bruce…”

“When the Clinton’s finally get the noose…”

Leading national Republicans were outraged this week when a couple of cable news commentators mocked the level of sophistication of some Trump voters, but we can assume that the Missoula County Republicans don’t find anything troubling in the lyrics found here. It’s in the same vein of the humor on display when the Montana GOP convention featured an “Obama Presidential Library,” a bullet-ridden outhouse, in 2012.

Leading that convention was then-GOP chair Will Deschamps, who didn’t think the outhouse was worth worrying about. That same Will Deschamps is not only the current state committeeman for the Missoula County Republican Central Committee but a candidate for Montana’s 4th Public Service Commission District.

It’s almost as if Republicans can’t help themselves. They just can’t help but post hateful thoughts about their fellow human beings and “joke” about violence against them.

Be best, Missoula County Republicans. Be best.

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  • It is all a joke. Just like Gianforte “joked” about violence towards journalists…before he actually assaulted one.

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