Montanans Need to Take “No” for an Answer

In a week of daily breaking political news and corruption, Governor Steve Bullock ended his campaign for President. His withdrawal was met with compliments and positive wishes to run again from all across the country; a testament to his Montana values and the unique message he carried nationally. Montanans can be proud that his voice and political vision reached Americans beyond our state’s borders.

But on the other end of these solid compliments, Montanans added a caveat: Now run for Senate. And the residents of the Big Sky State have not been quiet about their desire for Bullock to run for Senate. His social media, news articles, and I’m sure his email inbox, is full of demands that he is “the only one who can beat Daines” and that he owes it to us to run for the Senate.

Let’s detour for just a moment…

I have not always been nice to the Bullock Campaign. Anyone who follows me on Twitter has experienced my thoughts on his garbage strategy to blame the DNC for his poor fundraising and polling numbers:

And I will stand by every one of my criticisms. Continuing to push the false narrative that he was somehow cheated by the DNC only furthers distrust of Democrats and feeds directly into the hands of the opposition. I’m 90% sure at least one of his campaign staffers in Iowa was not appreciative of my critiques and blocked me on Twitter.

I also have not been quiet about criticizing the various candidates hopping into the presidential race and into down-ballot races stretching funding, resources, and attention thin.

But what does this have to do with Montanans demanding he run for Senate…

Steve has stated time and again, ad infinitum, that he has no desire to run for Senate; that his experience is purely in the Executive field with zero representative experience. A two-second perusal of his resume easily confirms his statement.

So how many times must Steve Bullock say, “No” before Montanans respect his decision? How many times must he insist he doesn’t want the job, doesn’t feel qualified, doesn’t feel he can best serve Montanans that way? Why won’t Montanans, who have stated how much they like and respect him, refuse to listen to what he actually says? Why do WE feel so entitled that WE demand what job he take next, what he pursues with his family, what he should be doing? Why won’t he just do everything we say?!

Yeah. He’s just a public commodity and should do whatever we demand.

Montanans, that sounds an awful lot like we don’t respect a fellow Montanan. That sounds an awful lot like we won’t take NO for an answer. <<< And that’s Grade-A bullshit and we need to stop.

Related: what a huge slap in the face to the other candidates running solid, grassroots campaigns in this state who actually want the damn job. Seriously. Go out and support Wilmot Collins, John Mues, and Cora Neumann.

And fellow Montanans: stop with this trash about “Steve Bullock is the only person who can beat Daines”. We’re smarter than that; we should know better. No candidate is a guaranteed magic bullet to beat Daines. We have zero evidence that Steve Bullock is a shoe-in against the incumbent Senator.

And finally…

Dear Steve,

Hi. You don’t know me, but I’m going to give you some very good advice:

Thank you for running for President. Thank you for sharing Montana with the rest of America; we’re an impressive gang out here.

Now that you’re back home to the Big Sky State, enjoy Christmas with your family and our hard-working friends in Helena. Then, in January 2020, I think you should commit to electing Democrats in Montana up and down the ballot. The Montana GOP has committed itself to a corrupt administration and its values are rooted in avoiding the public and refusing to stand up for Montanans, public lands, veterans, and our election integrity. Montana Democrats could sure use you.

You have the power, the fundraising acumen, the status, the ability to move the needle on races in all corners of this state.

I’m asking you: Help us oust these crummy reps in the legislature and enact real, positive growth for Montanans. Use your power and celebrity for the Greater Good.

And don’t run for Senate.

Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter @PlainsFeminist.

Your constituent,


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  • I would be gratified if Mr Bullock CHOSE to run for Senate because he WANTS to. He would certainly be a strong competitor against Daines; particularly given Daines’ cowardice in refusing to hold open (unscreened) meetings. But he is absolutely entitled to CHOOSE not to do so, whatever his reasons.

    I can certainly understand his reluctance to veer away from a strong career in the executive branch for a very different world in the legislative. The thought (and hope) that does occur to me is what a powerful contributor to our national recovery from Trumpsky’s corruption and greed he would be in the Cabinet. Consider Steve Bullock’s experience, credentials, and character as a potential Secretary of the Interior! Who better to counter the ghastly legacy of ‘Lyin Ryan’ Zinke?

  • Yes, it’s pretty much his personal choice. I was confused by his presidential ambitions but at least he made a legitimate effort getting on the national debate stage and getting some traction in Iowa.
    The statewide democrat party, meanwhile, is poorly run and ill equipped to offer any legitimate competition to the statewide republican party. Even Bullock cant save their sorry you know whats.

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