Greg Gianforte Votes With Vladimir Putin, Against American Values

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It would appear we can add one more person to the seemingly inexhaustible list of the people who terrify the coward Greg Gianforte: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to disapprove of Russia’s inclusion in future G-7 summits meetings, but despite bipartisan support for the measure, Congressman Gianforte sided with the Russian tyrant and against the people of Ukraine and his own country, joining only 70 other members of the House.

The resolution was introduced after President Trump, always eager to bend the knee to President Putin, argued for Russia’s inclusion in the summits in August.

Republicans other than Gianforte understood the importance of the resolution as a signal that the United States would stand with the people of Ukraine and against a Russian government still bent on interfering in American elections. From Republican House Foreign Affairs Ranking Member Mike McCaul:

“As stated in this resolution, Russia should be not be readmitted to the Group of Seven until Putin respects the principles shared by the other members, relinquishes his chokehold over Crimea, and ceases his global attacks on democratic institutions. Maintaining the integrity of the Group of Seven is vital to the Group’s success, and Russia cannot be allowed to bully its way back in,” he said on the floor ahead of the vote.

The resolution simply called for Russia to be kept out of the G-7 Summits until it “respects the territorial integrity of its neighbors and adheres to the standards of democratic societies,” but Congressman Gianforte lacked the moral clarity and personal courage necessary to defend American values.

Gianforte’s craven abandonment of Ukraine is symptomatic of a Republican Party that has become, in the words of conservative analyst Max Boot, “the party of Russia.” As he wrote in the Washington Post today:

While Republicans are primarily motivated by Trump toadyism, there is also an element of ideological affinity for Russia. While all Republicans were staunchly opposed to the “godless” Soviet regime, some of them admire Putin’s fascist regime, which combines crony capitalism with ultra-nationalism. Putin has marketed himself to credulous conservatives as a champion of Christianity, traditional values and the white race.

White supremacy, toadyism, crony capitalism, and breathtaking cowardice. Perhaps Gianforte’s vote wasn’t that surprising at all.

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  • You may want to write Congressperson Greg and ask him 1. Why did you vote against H.R. 546? 2. Do you also agree with President Trump and Mike Pence that the sanctions on Russia should be lifted? 3. Are you absolutely none of the $344,000 you received from the NRA in campaign contributions originated from Russian sources? (There are reports the NRA served as a conduit for upwards of $30 million in Russian sourced funds to Republican Congressional Candidates.) 4. If any or all of the campaign contributions you received from the NRA are traced to Russian sourced funds will you donate them to a broad based Montana non-profit such as the Montana Community Foundation or Planned Parenthood of Montana?

  • Democrats xenophobia against Russia is very dangerous, just like this blog’s support of the anti-democratic coup in Ukraine is very dangerous. it’s pathetic you people spend so much time propping up the great Putin boogeyman while corporations continue raping this country. income inequality is worse than ever, Trump tax cuts are blowing up the deficit, Trump is cutting food stamps, but all you can do is bray like jackasses about Putin all day long. And you don’t get why you keep losing?!?

    • Yo, Skink, we leave the important stuff–Epstein conspiracy theories, Pizzagate, Deep State exposés–to you and your posse (Swede and Eric). BTW, have you thought about merging your site with Strandberg’s? It’s a match made in Heaven.

      • From “The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories, by Professor Karen Douglas, et al in 2017:

        These findings suggest that conspiracy theories may be recruited defensively, to relieve the self or in-group from a sense of culpability for their disadvantaged position. In keeping with this defensive motivation, conspiracy belief is associated with narcissism—an inflated view of oneself that requires external validation and is linked to paranoid ideation (Cichocka, Marchlewska, & Golec de Zavala, 2016). Conspiracy belief is also predicted by collective narcissism—a belief in the in-group’s
        greatness paired with a belief that other people do not appreciate it enough.

        Really insightful article.

  • It looks as though Mr. GG left his earring off for the photo. Perhaps it was a little hammer and sickle stud. Oh well, probably wouldn’t go over so well with his constituents.

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