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Montana Republicans Celebrate Destroying Jobs

I’m lucky enough to have folks who send me all sorts of information and this week was no different. I have had a slew of information sent to me lately and the first bit of interesting information I’ll share is a disgusting Facebook post from the Yellowstone County Republican Party.

Laughter echoed through the halls of Republican Facebook and the internet recently as a joke, and not so veiled threat to the working class from the Yellowstone Republican party sent out an image threatening workers all around Montana.

The Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee is the largest county republican party in the state and they seem to think that living wages are a joke or they just don’t care about their fellow humans.

Here is the image in question (and a link to it):

Many people in America are putting serious thought into how we grow our state and national economy and bring everyone along. This threat is not a solution though, it is useless fodder for those who want to eat at fast-food restaurants while degrading the value of those who work there.

Interesting ideas like universal basic income have even been floated Presidential candidates as well as the green new deal with job guarantees and increased wages, including a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour that could be phased in over a few years.

While this post is indicative of a dislike, disrespect and downright disgusting view of working people it still probably pales in comparison to the Gallatin County Republican Women’s Club who infamously had Karen Marshall as an officer until she talked about shooting the reporter that Greg Gianforte assaulted, on live radio.

A recent study was released that actually showed a correlation between places that raised their minimum wages and and a lower suicide rate. Here is the article from the Washington Post:

That is some incredibly great news and it makes sense, as you dignify labor and people’s lives they find more value in their days instead of feeling useless, defeated and barely able to make ends meet. The post by the Yellowstone County Republicans is not funny and is abusive. An apology is in order. Human beings are not disposable. Ayn Rand may have taught these folks the wrong lessons. Man’s inhumanity to their fellow man is not something to be celebrated and further highlights the sickness that pervades the leadership of the modern Republican Party.

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  • When assessing statements blaming the Left for supporting automation’s decimation of jobs, try following the money: who are the direct financial beneficiaries of robots taking human jobs?? Sure as fuck isn’t the floor workers, is it??

    • Vote Republican. Vote your wallet, safety, and health.

      Our Canadian neighbors to the north, in Calgary, where the minimum wage $15 was scheduled to be in place by October 2018. Before even getting to the full increase, the service sector has reportedly lost 25,700 jobs, according to the city’s labor market review for July 2018.

  • Actually the evidence in America is The Opposite! In the cities and State’s that increased to 15.00 an hour *minimum* wage ended up STIMULATING the Communities economy!!

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