Guest Post: I Promise To Fight For Our Military Veterans

Young soldier with hand on heart standing on white background
US Army. Young soldier with hand on heart standing on white background

This Veterans Day we honor our veterans for everything they have sacrificed and all they have given to our country. My father served in the Army in the Korean War, and I am thankful every day for the service he gave and that he is still a large part of my life now. Growing up in our household, he instilled in me the values of honesty, hard work, and kindness that I try to live up to every day.

But Veterans Day is about more than just thanking our vets. It’s about showing all of our veterans that we have recommitted ourselves to making sure their interests are always represented.

Our veterans deserve an Attorney General who will prioritize championing issues that affect them. I am that Attorney General. I understand what it means to fight for people in their toughest moments, and I know how to deliver results that matter.

First, it starts with ensuring our servicemen and women have access to health care and the services they need to live their lives. As a nurse, I worked with veterans, helping them deal with the medical issues they faced. I know our veterans face challenges accessing the services they are owed and obtaining comprehensive health care coverage, including mental health care. As Attorney General, I will make it a priority to help our veterans obtain the services they are owed.

As a state and county prosecutor, I know the challenges our service members can face in our legal system. I have been a strong advocate of establishing and funding veteran treatment courts to help veterans who are facing criminal charges deal with the causes underlying their criminal actions. As Attorney General, I will continue to be a champion of reforming our legal systems to best help veterans.

As a state lawmaker, I know first-hand how our state policies can help our veterans. I have worked to do this for the past eight years representing Montanans in the legislature.

As a state representative, I have:

  • Supported legislation that expanded access to services for military members in Montana by increasing the number of service offices in the state (allowing county offices), reforming veterans’ treatment courts, and improving outreach to underserved veterans, especially in Indian Country
  • Supported legislation that allowed veterans to apply the skills and training they received in service for college credits, professional certification, and commercial driver’s licenses, as well as allowing employers to receive tax credits for employing veterans
  • Supported a bill that grants scholarships to Purple Heart recipients to honor their service
  • Spearheaded legislation that supports veteran-owned businesses through focused business and trade assistance, as well as a skill-building and training program for veterans
  • Championed legislation establishing the Montana Veterans’ Home Loan Mortgage Act to ease payments on closing costs as well as increase the amount of state funds available for veteran housing
  • Wrote the bill that dedicated the Memorial Highway for Minnie Spotted Wolf, the first Native American woman in the nation to enlist in the United States Marine Corps

But more needs to be done. In traveling the state, I have heard from veterans about what they need?—from lack of access to comprehensive, affordable health care, to the epidemic of veteran suicide, and the unseen violence against women in the military. From financial scams, to homelessness and underemployment, trauma, and suicide, I understand the challenges veterans face and vow to help with these issues as Montana’s next Attorney General.

When elected, I won’t just pay lip service to our veterans?—I will fight for them.

I hope you will stand with me and also commit to honoring our country’s brave men and women. As a mother, a nurse, a prosecutor and a legislator, I have spent my whole life fighting for Montanans?—?and as Attorney General, I will do the same for Montana.

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About the author

Kimberly Dudik

Kimberly has served the people of Montana as a registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care, a Deputy Gallatin County Attorney, and an Assistant Montana Attorney General. She is Chairperson for the Legislative Finance Committee, Chairperson for the Council of State Governments West, and Immediate Past Chairwoman of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. She is a Democratic Candidate for Montana Attorney General.


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  • Took me a few minutes to figure out who wrote this article. Should have her name more prominent so we can see who the heck we are reading about. lol, then again, it could be my overlooking the obvious too. Thanks.

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