Why Won’t WV Sen. Manchin Support Dem Nominee for Prez? Dem Division Could Destroy Possible 2020 Gains in Senate

Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin delivered the most frightening scare of this halloween when this morning he decided to say that he would not unequivocally support the Democratic nominee for President, regardless of who it is.

I can say unequivocally that I will vote for whoever is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in the Democratic Primary and in the General Election.

Now, a United States Senator should not be hedging so hard against a potential nominee as Manchin had singled out U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders as a Democratic Nominee he wouldn’t support.

From The Hill:

During the interview with Cavuto, Manchin was critical of the “Medicare for All” plan championed by Sanders.

“Bernie keeps saying ‘Medicare for All,’” he said. “I said, ‘Bernie we can’t even pay for Medicare for some.’”

The West Virginia Democrat did acknowledge that Sanders’s policies are thought-provoking and get “the blood going and stirring and everything.”

Manchin’s response comes after Sanders said in an interview with CNBC that he was confident Manchin, along with Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), would support his agenda.

“Damn right they will,” Sanders said in the interview.

I’m wondering what Joe Manchin disagrees with in his policy platform, but then I remember that Joe Manchin voted for Brett Kavanaugh and he votes with Republicans at an astounding rate on many important issues. His conservative schtick is a tiring game. He’s angling for something.

What future might that be in the modern Democratic Party? Well, he could be angling for Senate leadership if a hardline conservative faction makes a move after the 2020 elections, regardless of the outcome.

I’m wondering why Sen. Manchin would disagree with Medicare for All and then…

Could it also be that a President who supports lowering the costs of prescriptions and healthcare could hurt Sen. Manchin’s family’s bottom line? In 2019 that seems like far too plausible an answer.

From the Washington Post:

The dramatic 400 percent rise in the cost of EpiPens is the next big flash point in the national debate over skyrocketing prescription drug prices.

It turns out that the woman at the center of this controversy has powerful political connections. My colleague Catherine Ho reports that the head of Mylan, the drug company accused of hiking the price of the pen that treats severe allergic reactions, is also the daughter of Joe Manchin, a Democratic U.S. senator from West Virginia and the state’s former governor.

Why was Senator Tester mentioned in this article too?


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  • Tester has definitely had some troubling votes but he is no comparison to Manchin. I would be more concerned about Chris Coons

  • No surprise here on Manchin – it is well known that he is not really a Democrat, he is “Republican – Lite”.

    I too, am curious why Jon Tester was mentioned in the article. Just because he is from a “red” state does not mean he votes with GOP.

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