Guest Post: A Commonsense Vision for Helena

Fighting for Helena’s families means addressing issues like adequate and affordable housing, responsive city services and building strong job opportunities — that’s why I’m running for the Helena City Commission.

As your next City Commissioner, I will advocate for greater transparency in our city government and representation that proactively engages the public. Transformational and sustainable change in any organization cannot occur without the support and buy-in of the constituents it serves and the staff responsible for implementing such change. We must insist and ensure that Helena’s city government and leadership be transparent and communicate clearly with our community. That’s why I’ve developed a plan to implement commonsense solutions to improve transparency.

Improving transparency is just the first step. Other issues will include protecting our public assets to ensure accessibility for all in our community. Helena has a strong tradition of supporting and utilizing our public assets, one of the first being the establishment of Mount Helena City Park in 1905. Other public assets have followed suit like the community gathering place of the Helena Civic Center and the distinct, multi-purpose Bill Roberts Municipal Golf Course, a destination for golfers and skiers alike. The public nature of these very assets ensures equity and accessibility to all in our community. As a City Commissioner, I will remain committed to preserving our public green spaces and community gathering centers while expanding our capacity to promote and invest in our public assets.

I will work to innovate how we deliver public services to our community and how we support and empower families to flourish. As a City Commissioner, I will work to lead the city as a facilitator in connecting resources and opportunities by involving our vast non-profit community, education partners and business leaders. Let’s ensure we are connecting those in need of good-paying jobs with our educational institutions that can teach the requisite skills to meet the needs of our local business community. To further support our families and business community, I will advocate for a development policy that meets the needs of local residents, marrying sustainability and preservation by collaborating with businesses through a community-based development process.

I believe our local ambitions and efforts can and should work to ensure economic and social dignity for every member of the Helena community. Helena is coming to a crossroads: let’s forge a new and ambitious path to unite this community and improve the lives of all those who call Helena home. I ask for your support and your vote for the Helena City Commission.

Please visit my website to learn more about my vision for Helena and follow along on Facebook.

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Emily Dean

Emily Dean is a proud citizen of Helena where she lives and works advocating for kids and public education. She is a 2018 candidate for the Helena City Commission.

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