Missoula City Council Elections Need Your Focus (Guest Post)

Written by Nancy de Pastino

My dad recently sent me that Washington Post travel article on Things to do in Missoula. I wrote him and said, “I feel lucky to live here every day, Pop!” I truly do. Missoula has an unmatched quality of life that I’ve found nowhere else.

Missoula’s vibrant downtown, our clean open spaces, our smart design and development: they are all deliberate. We have services to take care of vulnerable populations. Why? Because we have thoughtful, progressive people on our City Council. We also have a caring community that pays attention and values taking care of those who are in need.

In 2016 I learned we can not take anything for granted in politics. There are no guarantees that Missoula will remain on a path of progress, especially if we let the City Council slip to a conservative slate of candidates.

We must keep Missoula moving forward, so I’m supporting Heidi West in Ward 1, where I live. Heidi has worked incredibly hard in her first term on City Council, giving voice to marginalized citizens. She is smart, thoughtful, and innovative. Join me in voting for Heidi West if you’re in Ward 1. If you live in another ward, my strong recommendations are: Mirtha Becerra (Ward 2), Gwen Jones (Ward 3), Amber Sherrill (Ward 4) Alex Fregerio (Ward 5) and Nick Shontz (Ward 6).  All of them are caring, thoughtful community-minded people who will serve our city well.

Editor’s note:

The Missoula County Democrats six endorsed candidates for all wards are:

Ward 1: Heidi West
Ward 2: Mirtha Becerra (no primary)
Ward 3: Gwen Jones
Ward 4: Amber Sherrill
Ward 5: Alex Fregerio (no primary)
Ward 6: Nick Shontz (no primary)

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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