Christi Jacobsen’s Campaign For SoS Starts with Corrupt Misappropriation of Taxpayer Dollars

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Driving through Helena the other day and I heard a radio advertisement, it began with a seemingly slow-witted person describing the difference between direct democracy and a republic. I was dumbfounded, I wondered who would be spending money to give 4th-grade civics lessons over the airwaves. Sadly, I soon found out that I was the fool who was spending the money to play these ads.

You and I and all taxpayers were supplying a free ad for Christi Jacobsen. She works for Corey Stapleton and was using Secretary of State dollars to introduce herself to Montana voters. This is disgusting as she has now declared to run for Secretary of State this week after having used some lame title to deliver her first taxpayer-funded campaign ad. I am sure she has all the dirt on Corey Stapleton so she probably forced him to let her run this ad, which if not illegal, is highly unethical and at a minimum a gross misappropriation of taxpayer dollars.

Yes, I was very confused, this was last week though and I have been rather busy with several projects and hadn’t even had time to read Don’s post about the rumors that she may run, Don stated:

“As Chief of Staff, Jacobsen has overseen the toxic mean girl culture at the Secretary’s office that has driven experienced staffers from the building in droves, oversaw the decision to award hundreds of thousands of state dollars to Corey Stapleton’s friends, and managed to create such an air of chaos in the office that fundamental tasks like ensuring safe elections just haven’t been done.

If there is anyone who isn’t qualified to our next Secretary of State, it’s someone who not only has managed to convince herself that Corey Stapleton was good at the job, but who also covered for him in his repeated misuse of state funds and malfeasance. Even Republicans have to see that.”

Now that she has announced to run it is time to dedicate ourselves to electing a real representative of the people who can be trusted with the sacred duty of running our elections free from the interference of political actors or gross negligence, as the SoS office of Christi and Corey has.

That person is Bryce Bennett. Bryce Bennett has shown steadfast dedication to representing the people of Montana in election matters for all 8 years that he has served the state. Bryce Bennett knows Montana election law better than anyone in the current Secretary of State’s office and he knows election law better than anyone he served in the legislature with. We could not have a better choice to replace the last 3 years of bungling from Stapleton. The time for reform in that office is now.

Donate to Bryce here to bring a steady hand back to our elections: DONATE

Bryce also discussed the need for change upon Christi’s announcement:

As Deputy Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen has overseen an office that’s wasted taxpayer dollars, ignored state law, and created uncertainty in the security of our elections,” said voting rights champion, Senator Bryce Bennett. “There is no doubt Jacobsen would continue the failed policies of Corey Stapleton. As Secretary of State, I’ll hit the ground running to make sure Montanans have confidence our elections systems are secure and accessible,  their taxpayer dollars are used responsibly, and that their public lands aren’t being sold off to the highest bidder.

Well said, Bryce. It is time for new leadership, in the SoS office, in the legislature, Congress, Senate, and the White House.

You can find out more about Bryce Bennett’s campaign at

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  • I was wondering who that shrill Goth girl was in those ads I saw on TV the past couple of months. She was mouthing the same ignorant ad script as her boss was in the months before that.

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