Governor Bullock Issues Crucial Public Safety Ban on Flavored e-Cigarette Products for Montana Kids and Families

Earlier today Governor Bullock issued a very important ban on flavored vaping products.

These products are targeted at children and the public health concerns are not fully known as the cases of sickness and death from these unregulated vaping products grows by the day.

Governor Bullock stated this today:

“Young Montanans are using e-cigarettes at an alarming rate, while officials investigate the possible causes of a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related injury and death, leaving us at a crossroads,” Governor Bullock said. “Today, I choose action.”

“Protecting the health, safety and well-being of all Montanans – especially our kids – is one of my top priorities as governor, and I join the other parents across this state knowing we cannot rest until we do everything we can to keep our kids safe,” continued Governor Bullock. “This is the right thing to do during the outbreak of these illnesses and deaths and it’s the right thing to do for the future leaders of our state.”

The inability and unwillingness among the intransigent and wholly incompetent Republican party to regulate anything to protect our children from internet privacy to these dangerous vaping products is why they must go and why we need new leadership across the board.

The Democratic Congress and Senate in 2009 banned flavored regular cigarettes as they knew then about cigarettes what we know now about flavored vaped. These products are targeted at children to get them hooked.

“The federal government banned all flavors for conventional cigarettes in 2009, with the exception of menthol. Since then, current use of cigarettes among U.S. youth has decreased significantly. However, this ban did not include e-cigarettes which had recently entered the market.” DPHHS State Medical Officer Dr. Greg Holzman said. “It is evident that flavored e-cigarettes have helped fuel this current epidemic.”

The New York Times published this story recently: Lung Damage From Vaping Resembles Chemical Burns, Reports Say

Dr. Cathy White, a pediatrician at Southwest Montana Community Health Center and the President of the Montana Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, said youth are uniquely at risk for long-lasting effects of nicotine exposure because the brain continues to develop until age 25. Nicotine exposure during adolescence harms the part of the brain that controls attention, learning, mood and impulse control.

“Tobacco use continues to be a major health threat to children, adolescents and adults. We are creating nicotine addiction among a whole new generation of children, who will then go on to suffer from tobacco-related diseases, Dr. White said. “The pediatricians of Montana stand in support of Governor Bullock and his action to help us end this vaping epidemic.”

Kudos to Governor Bullock for working hard, making this happen and leading us through this crisis.

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