Social Media and Legislative Director of the MT Shooting Sports Association Calls for Lynching of Public School Teachers

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At the start of the week, despite the objections of parents, the Montana Shooting Sports Association was responsible for a dishonest presentation that normalized gun culture and distorted basic facts for students in grades 1-3 at Hellgate Elementary.

Today, at the end of the same week, their legislative coordinator and social media director posted on Facebook, calling every person under the age of 30 “truly evil” and for the public lynching of teachers in front of their schools.


While DeLaurenti constantly churns out bigoted, xenophobic, hate-filled, anti-religious content on her personal Facebook and other social media, this may be the first time she’s called for the execution of teachers.

And even though DeLaurenti openly expresses these horrific remarks, she’s still involved in the leadership of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

DeLaurenti, who we have highlighted before, has been repeatedly described as the “legislative coordinator” for the Montana Shooting Sports Association and even represented the group on a three-month tour of the state as recently as 2016.

She is also the social media director for the group, even periodically running its Facebook page from a fake profile when her own is temporarily blocked on Facebook for the hate-filled content she churns out almost hourly.

DeLaurenti has every right in this country to hold and express these abhorrent ideas, but schools across the state who choose to bring in Montana Shooting Sports Association material should know what kind of organization they are bringing in: it’s one that not only tolerates bigotry and calls for violence from one of its staff members, but one that empowers her to direct its social media and legislative agenda.

And DeLaurenti is not some rogue member of the MSSA. As we highlighted just a few weeks ago, the organization’s founder and primary spokesman, Gary Marbut, has repeatedly endorsed the idea of gun owners engaging in murder, even going so far as to defend someone who shot someone else in the back.

As the Montana Human Rights Network pointed out in an exhaustive brief, Marbut “fits squarely in the anti-government “patriot” camp. He doesn’t offer solutions to make Montana communities safer. Instead, he promotes and elevates doctrine from a movement seeking to turn our communities into armed camps preparing to fight off an impending invasion by one-world government boogeymen.”

The MSSA should not be presenting gun information in Montana schools. School boards must do better than to invite violent extremists who make a mockery of the ideas of tolerance and safety our schools should represent.

Hellgate Elementary was wrong to let the MSSA in their school. Let’s hope no other district makes the same mistake, for the sake of the children and teachers in their care.

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