Montana GOP gubernatorial primary sniping continues

The clown car also known as the Republican gubernatorial primary is rolling along.

The Great Falls Tribune has a story about Greg Gianforte paying off an anti-abortion group for an endorsement. Candidates Tim Fox and Al Olszewski are crying foul because they don’t have enough money to do the same.

Al’s wife criticized the endorsement and noted that her husband and Fox we’re also “pro-life.” Al himself points to his NRA and Heritage Foundation memberships as his right-wing cred.

Fox’s campaign is quoting Trump, using “the swamp” metaphor and taking a direct swipe at Gianforte, saying, “Montanans don’t want D.C. politicians to move back here and bring the swamp with them.”

The swamp group in question is the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List’s research and education division. Over a four year period, Gianforte gave the organization $200,000. Gianforte is getting what he paid for and starting last week, he has been touting the endorsement in email blasts and on Facebook.

Honored that our campaign for Governor has been endorsed by the SBA List for being “a Strong Pro-Life Leader,” says his Facebook post.

Despite objections from the other two candidates, SBA’s leadership not only endorsed Gianforte but hinted that he’d be the winner of the primary:

“We will always put our finger on the scale for our best allies in fighting for our top priorities in the Congress and at the state level. Greg also has a unique ability to win statewide. Ability to win is always a top consideration. Therefore, this was an easy call.”

This quote has to annoy Gianforte’s opponents. But Fox and Olszewski haven’t been taking this race lying down and have launched their own attacks. Fox disparages Gianforte for deserting his post in the U.S. House of Representatives to run for governor after serving less than a full term, and Olszewski says Gianforte is “getting his money from the million and billion dollar club from out of state.”

The primary is still nine months away but the GOP campaign for governor is bound to intensify as each candidate vies for those precious far-right voters who tend to decide the Republican primary.




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