Steve Daines and the McCarthy Red Scare Playbook

Things were better when Steve Daines was just trying to convince us he was a super-normal-human-person-and-dogs. Now we are being treated to hardcore McCarthyism on an almost hourly basis as he bounces from talk show to talk show, sends fear-mongering emails, and assails social media with a ton of (thankfully ratioed) SOCIALISM SCOURGE posts.

And this morning was no different – my Inbox received this delightful piece from Daines’ official U.S. Congressional Contact email list:

In his hurry to send this out as official communication, maybe Daines should have proofread a tad. Repeating those two garbage sentences doesn’t make them any truer.

Can someone please forcefully sit Daines down and explain to him the difference between Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, and Fascism? Because he continues to demonstrate over and over that he has NO FREAKIN’ CLUE about any of these political and policy ideologies.

We as Montanans have a choice to make. One path leads to complete government control, undermining our Constitution and our American way of life. The other path, is the path of Freedom.

That’s a lot to unpack here, which this blog has covered extensively in the past. The Socialism that Daines is squawking about is The Squad’s call for universal health care and other vital social services that are bleeding working-class Americans dry with high out of pocket costs. It’s the call for protection of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the vital services that our tax dollars are supposed to fund. It’s the demand to take the profit out of “for profit” healthcare because Americans shouldn’t have to price compare in an emergency or be worried that a single trip to the doctor’s office will bankrupt them. If Steve Daines was an average Montanan, he would know that half of this state lives paycheck-to-paycheck, and that medical debt is still the number one cause of bankruptcy. America is the ONLY highly developed nation to not have figured out a way to bring universal health care to its people.

The Squad’s calls for programs and services that maximize our tax dollar investment in America and her people is patriotic to the core. Steve Daines wants to talk about Freedom? Fine. Freedom from a surgery sending a family into tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Freedom from predatory lenders. Freedom from for-profit corporations that will extract every nickel they can out of the American people because it isn’t about citizens, but about the bottom line.

It’s time to invest in our fellow citizens.
Invest in our neighbors.
Invest in our health and future.

… and Steve Daines is already trying to invest even more into the wealthy; into himself.

It’s become readily apparent that Steve Daines realized his plan to identify with Montanans by playing with dogs and visiting McDonald’s wasn’t working. Instead, he found fertile ground in the McCarthy Red Scare and spews multiple false statements and misinformation every time there’s a camera in front of him. Our duty is to educate our fellow voters about what Daines is trying to do and point out his lies and misinformation.


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  • The more I see of Daines’ ideas of “freedom”, and his slobbering devotion to all the corruption and nihilism headed by the so-called president, the better “socialism” looks.

    I guess the simplest way to describe my response to anything coming from Daines, “If he’s fer it………I’m agin it.” He’s what I’ve always heard described as a “sunday christian.” All dolled up and sitting prominently in one of the pews down front, with the loudest voice yelling “Amen!!” and “Hallelujah”, but then goes home and kicks the dog.

  • I don’t care for Daines but he isn’t wrong on the intentions of the left. You can argue that their version of Socialism is something different, however, there is way to much documentation going back 26 years indicating their true plans. An agenda that reflects what has been happening in our country right before our eyes for years and what is happening now. It’s so accurate all the way down to the immigrant invasion, empowerment of women, attacks on our natural resources, climate change, attacks on our agricultural and food industries and the want by some to see the demise of capitalism.
    The mention of women and the empowerment of women and girls is almost creepy in documents dating back to the early 90’s. Come to find our ita because they realized that their plan could never be successful without women getting on board with it. That’s why they’ve spent so much time catering topics to women’s issues.
    The Globalist elites support Socialism but lean hard towards communism. This stuff is all in black and white and published for anyone to see. It’s quite disturbing what their Agenda intentions are yet the lie about it. Because they know it’s wrong.

    • Very strange that women seeking equality is seen as a threat to you. Your comment demonstrates that you have no working knowledge of what Social Programs are and what Communism was and is. I highly suspect that your “published in black and white” claims do not appear in vetted or peer-reviewed journals. I would strongly encourage you to read Mr. Manning’s piece on Socialist programs in America (the link is included in the blog post above).

    • Indeed!! Empowerment of women reveals the depths these nefarious “socialists” are willing to go to. Why, the next thing you know, they’ll be claiming women should have the right to VOTE!!

      • Yes – Daines is a classic hypocrite – all pious platitudes and “thoughts and prayers”, but toeing the reactionary line with slavish devotion.

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