Daines sponsors the most vacuous resolution in recent Senate history

There is important business that needs to be conducted in the U.S. Senate. Montana’s junior senator, Steve Daines, is having no part of it.

Instead, he introduced a resolution today “expressing the sense of the Senate that socialism poses a significant threat to freedom, liberty, and economic prosperity.”

If you want an example of “fake news,” just take a look at this story. Also, the awkward language of the resolution can be found in the article. In part, the Fox piece reads:

A draft copy of the resolution, obtained by Fox News, specifically took aim at the Green New Deal and “Medicare-for-all,” saying the proposals would “eliminate the private property rights of all people of the United States” and force taxpayers to pay trillions of dollars.

Wow, I wonder how Fox News “obtained” Daines’ resolution. Some serious investigative journalism going on there. In fact, Fox did much of Daines’ homework for him, quoting free-market economist Milton Friedman, Sen. Mitch McConnell, a United Mine Workers official, and then slamming Sen. Bernie Sanders and linking to a Fox News poll.

But it’s Daines who needs to be held accountable. Because four women (of color) out of the 435 members in the other legislative chamber have criticized Trump’s border cages and racist tweets, and advanced solutions for our inept health care system and our dying planet, Daines warns you’d better look out for the Red who’s under your bed.

It’s cheap theatrics to distract from the fact that Daines has hooked his wagon to the most corrupt, incompetent and divisive president in modern history; worse than Nixon. Here’s some more red meat:

” …a radical, socialist, far-left movement is growing across this country. And it has taken root as the new voice of the Democratic Party.”

Yeah, right. I wish. The Democratic Party, with a few exceptions, has taken over the middle ground vacated by a Republican Party that has moved to the far, far right.

And Daines is big on “Freedom” unless it comes in the form of critiquing the president and the swamp creatures in his administration, or offering progressive ideas on health care, the environment, civil rights and peace.

It’s as if red-baiting Sen. Joe McCarthy rose from the grave and body-snatched Steve Daines. Or that Daines traveled back to Montana in 1918 to advance the Sedition Act, which saw the jailing of Montanans, men and women, for criticizing America’s entry into World War I.

It may seem to our gentle readers that the Montana Post is on a tear against the senator (seven of the last ten posts at this site have dealt with Daines’ malfeasance). But it’s a fact, he is doing nothing to for his constituents besides posturing for the 2020 election.

For the good of Montana, and the nation, this man must not be allowed to serve a second term.








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  • What I really hope is that someone is cataloguing these facts about Daines and come next May/June publish one long article summarizing the catalog. If someone is doing this, it will help many people with the information at their fingertips that they will need to remind all Montanans exactly how Daines votes.

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