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Wilmot Collins Fires up Montana Crowd, Calls for “Pink Slip” for Steve Daines

WILMOT COLLINS – Sen. Daines “has joined the executive branch and it’s time he gets his pink slip.”

In stirring remarks delivered last night to the Missoula County Democrats Wilmot Collins called out the hypocrisy and lies of Steve Daines. He called on Steve Daines to get his pink slip for taking credit for veterans housing when he voted against it:

“When you vote against veterans housing and you vote against veterans healthcare it’s time he gets his pink slip.”

Helena Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Wilmot Collins called on a pink slip for Steve Daines over teachers pay and the lack of school funding:

“When our teachers have to buy supplies for the classroom it’s time he gets his pink slip.”

Collins continued that we must come together and build a movement for change, fight together, join our cause:

“He has the billionaires…the oil money, but you know who I have, I HAVE YOU.”

The people, that’s how we’ll win in 2020. We’ve got the people, not the billionaires. We will build a movement for change as Wilmot Collins finished:

“It will take you and me together to march on to D.C.”

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