Why The President’s Tweets Were Racist and Why That Matters

The President’s comments about the congresswomen going back to where they originally came from don’t just impact the lives of the congresswomen. They impact the lives of every person of color in America who at one point in their lives heard the same despicable mantra, including this 23-year-old who has heard that phrase more times than the number of my age.

I can understand why some might not perceive these comments to be racist because there wasn’t an outright derogatory term embedded within.

However, there is a deeper implication within the comments “Go back to where you came from.” The implication that you’re only welcome to live in America if you have the same views or opinions as me.

Let us not forget where the progressive wave came from that inspired most of these young congresswomen. I have never heard anyone tell Bernie Sanders to go back where he came from.

Nobody told President Trump to go back to where he came from when he referred to America as a “third world country” multiple times during the campaign. In conclusion, racism isn’t just about bad words. Racism is also about the conscious choice you make to raise your voice when at other times you would be completely silent.

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Bliss Collins

Bliss is a native Helenan who attended the University of Montana and received his bachelors in communications/political science. He currently lives in Seattle and will be going back to school to receive his Masters of Public Administration.

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