Steve Daines Enthusiastically Embraces Racism

Perhaps it was just a matter of time. Steve Daines has been tripping over himself to praise this administration these past few weeks. It would appear he thinks he can ride the coattails of this trash presidency to a 2020 re-election.

Is today’s Twitter activity enough for Montanans to finally admit that Steve Daines is a racist?

Daines has signed onto Trump’s racism 100%; he is ALL IN.

My fellow Montanans – why is Steve Daines allowed to define Patriotism? Why does he get to rule who is patriotic and who isn’t? Under whose authority does he get to preside over all of us and handout judgment with zero evidence?

Know what I’m sick and tired of Steve? I’m tired of you and the MTGOP constantly lying in every corner of this state. I’m tired of you holding inane purity tests on patriotism and “who’s a real American”.


The President’s Tweets yesterday and his doubling-down on the racism this morning in a press conference leave no doubt in this author’s mind that he is a white supremacist.

Steve Daines’ unwavering support of white supremacy, racist tweets/statements, and this administration should great him at every public opportunity. Do not allow this racism to stand. Do not allow him to get away with openly donning this white hood.


My pledge: Any time Steve Daines steps foot in Southeastern Montana he will be greeted with his embracing of white supremacy and racism.

I ask all Montanans to stand in solidarity with people of color and denounce this racism. And when Steve Daines comes to your part of the state – lift your voices, your signs, your anti-racist stances and REMIND EVERYONE that Steve Daines is NOT WHO MONTANANS ARE.

And if you feel so inclined, let his Twitter and Facebook feed know what you think of his racism. Or, if you’re feeling particularly eloquent, call his office in D.C.: 202-224-2651.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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Montana and national politics from a Southeastern Montana perspective, focusing on regional activism, womxn’s issues, LGBTQ equality, education, and revitalization of the Montana Democratic Party. Plains Feminist tries (sometimes fruitfully, sometimes not so much) to connect with the hard-working folks who *eek* out a living on the “not mountains” side of the state. Plains Feminist enjoys intellectual banter over coffee or beer preferably after dark. You can reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter @PlainsFeminist.


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  • Yes, Daines embraces bigotry and has a quixotic new found love for the Jewish community, which is particularly opportunistic. But that’s Daines: a “Christian” with no moral center, riding Trump’s coattails because, sadly, Trump still has a strong Montana base.

  • The Washington Times – Sunday, May 5, 2019

    Black and Hispanic workers are seeing record-low unemployment and rising wages under President Trump, yet community leaders say it likely is not enough to sway their support to the president in next year’s election.

    The unemployment rate for Hispanics dropped to 4.2% in April, the lowest level since the government began tracking the data in 1973.

    Unemployment for black Americans was at a near historic low of 6.7%, up slightly from the record low set last year.

    Average hourly pay rose 3.2% in the past 12 months. The fastest increase in pay was pocketed by low-wage workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    “The new jobs report is further proof that the Trump economy continues to boom and deliver benefits that all Americans are feeling,” said Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. “With this kind of momentum, we look forward to hearing the economic plans of the Democrats as they spin tales about Americans not feeling the results of the Trump economy, when in fact workers everywhere can feel the boom.”

    • Bill – I don’t give a rat’s ass if the economy is booming if it is still helmed by a racist who cages children at the border, separates families, insults people of color, strips rights from LGBTQ+ Americans …. I could go on and on.

      Money isn’t everything. Low unemployment (if your quality of life sucks or your rights are being eroded away) isn’t everything. Americans are less prosperous AS A WHOLE under this administration.

      Quit capitulating to the administration that over-rewarded the 1% and start paying attention to our democratic republic. There’s a chance that your particular demographic might be the next on the chopping block. We must be in this together.

  • We dont need another psychopath in office. If you think this Trumpism crap is going to live on you’re crazy. This country was built BY immigrants. We are a mix of cultures. THIS IS WHO AMERICA IS!!! There is no room for your bigotry here!

      • You know most meth is trafficked through checkpoints, right?

        And that there is no serious proposal for open borders in Congress, right?

        Dude, read a book or something. That Fox News is going to rot your brain.

        • Yes, most newsworthy large busts are at checkpoints and ports. Wow, what a revelation. Dealers can make $1,200 in Montana on one ounce of meth. The average Mexican makes $4 dollars a day. Northern Triangle probably less. How many pounds can you put in a backpack that makes it over that 4 wire fence? Do not be so naive. Thanks Tester for your support with the wall.

          A common way to transport drugs is to send the drug mules in groups of up to 15 to make the 15-day journey through the Arizona-Sonora border desert with 22 to 55 pounds strapped to their backs.

          What’s up? Sens. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) and a number of other Democrats voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006.

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