Steve Daines’ Futile Attempts to Convince You He’s Just a Regular Dude

Since the 4th of July, Steve Daines’ Twitter feed has just been a delight  – a delight for those of us who see through his tissue-paper-thin attempts to paint himself as a normal, hard-working, dog-loving Montanan (and to remind us that he was TOTALLY HERE for the 4th of July).

Steve Daines – totally a normal dog person …

Steve Daines loves fast food just like a normal, average person! Watch the video. It’s so awkward. Is this just a pander to the President who likes to entertain athletic super stars with cold fast food at the White House?

Oh, even more dogs!

I suspect that these “I’m totally normal” videos will become a regular thing as Daines attempts to convince Montanans that he’s felt and experienced the same financial and medical stresses that the average Montanan faces. That he empathizes with skyrocketing medical bills, housing prices, the President’s crippling tariffs on farmers … we could go on and on about the normal things and stresses that Steve Daines will never feel.

I cannot believe that Montanans consistently forget how many times Daines has screwed this state and its Federal employees with his shutdown antics and posturing. Or his vote against the Butte Veterans home – which, after Jon Tester did a ton of hard work to make it happen, Daines tried to take credit and claim he was its champion?

Like really, Montana, let’s get some critical thinking skills going on – Steve Daines has never been “For” Montanans, he’s always been for himself and other millionaires like him.


And just in case anyone forgot – since Steve Daines was MIA on July 4th, 2018 (he was cavorting around Russia, WTH?), he made sure everyone knew he stuck around for the 4th this year.

And if you are interested in listening to Daines talk at you (and screen out any questions he doesn’t want to address), you can tune into his Teletownhall tonight at 6:00pm.

Because remember folks: Steve Daines doesn’t actually meet with constituents and answer questions, he hides and ducks and avoids the unwashed masses. You’ve got to pay to play, Friends.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • Sounds like Daines has something very much in common with our great “leader” in Washington, D.C.: He’s a gold-plated turd out to toot his own horn at the expense of our country’s unity.

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