Jennifer Merecki announces Billings City Council Ward 5 race

I’m glad to see hard-working folks step up and run for office and that’s why I am glad Jenn Merecki is running for Billing City Council Ward 5.

Here’s a great statement from Ms. Merecki on her candidacy:

“Politics on the local level often gets lost in the proverbial shuffle. This isn’t a good thing. Many have adopted a mindset that local politics is boring–and that only state-wide or national issues truly matter. I beg to differ. Local politics matter, and undeniably affect you directly.

The schools our children attend, the roads we drive on, and even the water we drink is all within the sphere of influence of local governments. Advocacy on the local level directly impacts you and your neighbors. Caring about local advocacy shows a deep concern for the issues that are in our own backyard. I am not a political operative or insider and do not rely on paid consultants or party to frame my values.

A true Independent that is just a normal person that has sacrificed myself for the betterment of this community and state. I care enough about the issues to have volunteered my time for years to try to make this city the best version of itself.

We are fortunate to have a system of self-government—a system that consists of different but equally important levels. Taking into account the entirety of human history, this is a pretty rare thing. We must not squander it. There is no more direct impact you can have on the lives of your fellow man than in your service locally. That is why, I Jennifer Merecki, am running to represent Billings city council ward 5.”

Ms. Merecki is having a coffee and conversation event on Thursday in Billings if you’re interested you can get the details here:

For more information on Ms. Merecki visit her page here:

I wish her great luck in her public service endeavors!

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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