Daines,Rosendale Hypocrisy on Veterans Called Out by Navy/Army/Nat’l Guard Vet Wilmot Collins

Wilmot Collins campaign to be Montana’s next Senator just called out the hypocrisy of Rosendale and Daines for their votes against the Southwest Montana Veterans Home. Daines even had the audacity to attend the groundbreaking of the home in Butte yesterday, disgusting.

That is disgusting hypocrisy that only a politician that has gone full D.C. like Daines could pull off.

Here is the email from Wilmot Collins campaign for Senate:


When it comes to our veterans, Steve Daines’ hypocrisy is enough to make your blood boil.

Yesterday, Wilmot’s opponent attended the groundbreaking of the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte. He posted pictures on social media claiming he’d always fight for our veterans.

That’s what he says, but his actions paint a different picture. In the Senate, he callously voted against funding for that very same veterans home.

Our veterans deserve our unwavering support. Want to help replace Steve Daines with a U.S. Senator who will truly stand with our nation’s heroes? Contribute $5 now.

Wilmot served in the Army National Guard, the Army Reserves, and the Navy Reserves for more than twenty years. He understands firsthand the sacrifices our soldiers make in service to this country, and he will fight for the support they need every day as Montana’s next Senator.

Senator Jon Tester worked for years to make the Southwest Montana Veterans Home a reality for our nation’s heroes in Butte. Steve Daines didn’t do anything to help, and now he wants to take the credit? Sorry, Steve, but Montanans aren’t fooled by your blatant hypocrisy. With this move, Daines joins Senator Tester’s 2018 Senate opponent, Matt Rosendale, in his lip service to veterans. Veterans need our support, our hard work, not just empty promises. We need two United States Senators voting for Montana, not just showing up at ribbon cuttings.

Montana’s veterans need two Senators standing with them in Washington, D.C. It’s time to retire Steve Daines and send Wilmot to the Senate. Will you chip in $5 now?

Thank you,

Team Wilmot



Powerful statement from a veteran like Wilmot Collins on the hypocrisy of these chickenhawk Republicans.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • This will make for a great campaign ad against Daines. Get some Veterans who will be living in the facility and have them asking Daines why did you vote against this facikity, but want to be recognized for yout hypocrisy.

  • What do you say about this? 8 years of Obama, Tester, and Bullock and nothing. Results matter.

    DOMINICK BRASCIA November 10, 2017


    Just ahead of Veterans Day, Senator Steve Daines has introduced legislation to ensure that veterans get the care they need.

    Veteran State Home Grant Backlog Reduction Act” creates a new system that will separate out upgrades and needed rehabilitation to existing VA facilities.
    It would require the VA to separately designate construction specific budget resources and have a plan to clear up the state home construction.

    “Montana is home to one of the highest populations of veterans per capita – and our state is in dire need of the proper facilities to provide veterans quality healthcare,” Daines stated. “The VA has waited for far too long to build this home and it’s time we broke ground. Constructing new homes must be an urgent priority. ”

    Daines secured funding for the construction of state extended care facilities to include the 60-bed veterans home in Butte.


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