Montana Native Shane Morigeau Takes on Out-of-State Millionaire Downing for Auditor

Montana State House Minority Whip and consumer protection champion Shane Morigeau launched his campaign to be Montana’s next state auditor. Morigeau, who was born and raised in Ronan, kicked off his campaign with an announcement video to highlight his priorities and introduce himself to Montana voters.  Morigeau highlighted the need for Montana’s next state auditor to work hard to hold insurance companies accountable, ensure that health insurance rates are fair and affordable, and keep public lands in public hands on the Land Board.

“For too long, everyday Montanans have had no voice in our state auditor’s office,” said House Minority Whip Rep. Shane Morigeau. “I know from experience how important it is to keep insurance companies honest and to ensure they aren’t gouging Montana families. Without affordable health care, my mom might not have survived her three battles with cancer, and my father’s debilitating back injuries could have left my family homeless. It’s long past time to bring accountability and common sense back to Helena.”

“Growing up in Ronan taught me the value of hard work. I was taught to be proud of who I am and where I come from, which is why I will always be a proud Montanan, and Salish and Kootenai member.”

Shane Morigeau has committed his career to fighting back against the rich and powerful to protect Montanans — as a lawyer, legislator, and advocate.

Check out Shane’s website here:

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