Guest Post – Climate Change is Killing Us and the Koch Bros are Recruiting Oil and Gas Candidates to Primary Progressive Democrats

Burning fire. Bonfire. Fire fighting. Flame ignition. Warning. Danger
Burning fire. Bonfire. Fire fighting. Flame ignition. Warning. Danger

Written by Sarah Vincent – Billings, Montana

In a year when Steve Daines’ polling is as soft as a stick of butter in the summer sun and Greg Gianforte just left his congressional seat vacant and the same old people are trying to mess it up again by recruiting candidates who no Democrat wants to vote for. We’ve seen this happen over and over again for the last decade as entrenched and out of touch decision-makers don’t listen or adapt, they just keep running candidates that fall in line with corporate donors.

I had heard for months that certain people had been recruiting millionaires to run for office who can self-fund their own campaigns. I had also heard that certain people were recruiting oil and gas candidates to run for office. Now the Koch Brothers are involved.

I have heard that multiple candidates are considering running for office with personal war chests in the millions amassed in from the oil and gas industry. Yes, candidates are considering running for office as oil and gas millionaires in the Democratic primary in Montana.

Welcome to 2019, the absurd is the normal and the normal is painful.

Maybe it is because the Koch Brothers have decided it is a sound business decision to elect some Democrats they can control to keep taxes low on billionaires like them and keep ruining the environment

According to a report published in Time magazine:

Coming Soon to a Democratic Primary: Candidates Backed by Charles Koch

The Koch Brothers have an amassed fortune of over 100 billion dollars that they have built in the…oil and gas industry, but mostly just inherited from their father…

Koch Net Worth Hits 100 Billion as Supreme Court Lifts Limits on Cash for Congress

Welp, looks like the grassroots and true progressives need to get to work so these oil and gas billionaires don’t buy our elections while the world burns.

One person I have heard who may be running for office in Montana is John Mues.

John Mues has worked for Anadarko Petroleum according to campaign finance reports that I obtained here:

Anadarko was just sold for $38 billion dollars, prior to that it was one of the largest oil and gas companies in America.

Anadarko has a dark and painful history of environmental damage…

Anadarko was involved with the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico and later received the largest fine in United States history for environmental contamination.

According to an April 3rd, 2014 report in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The federal government on Thursday reached a $5.15 billion settlement with Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the largest ever for environment contamination, to settle claims related to the cleanup of thousands of sites tainted with hazardous chemicals for decades.

Anadarko Petroleum has agreed to pay $4 billion to BP PLC as part of a settlement related to last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill, adding weight to BP’s contention that it was not solely responsible for the disaster.

A settlement agreement is not an admission of guilt, but handing over $4 billion dollars is as close as you can come to admitting guilt without saying the words.

In addition to the $4 billion it paid BP, Anadarko was also court ordered to pay 159.5 million in fines for the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill.

John Mues worked for Anadarko Petroleum, the company that has partial responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill and received the largest fine ever for environmental contamination.

Lots of people call themselves progressives, but that word becomes meaningless when it is self-applied and has no evidence to back it up.

I was at first speechless about this fact, it was just mind-boggling and truly unbelievable, but then you see the things that Pete Talbot mentioned on Saturday and it all starts to make sense, in a maddening, watch the world burn logic.

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