Kathleen Williams Solidified as Frontrunner in Race for Montana’s Lone Congressional Seat

U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte officially filed the paperwork to abandon his seat in Congress and launch his second bid to be governor of Montana, further solidifying Kathleen Williams’ role as the frontrunner in her campaign for the now-open Congressional seat.

“Greg Gianforte has failed Montanans in Congress and he would fail Montanans as governor,” said campaign manager Blake Thompson.“Regardless of what spot Greg Gianforte occupies on the ballot, Montanans know they deserve better. Kathleen Williams is the clear frontrunner in this race, and she believes votes should be earned—not bought. She will continue to travel the state to show up and talk to Montanans about her proven record of being a champion for hard-working families.”

During his short time in Washington, Congressman Gianforte has reliably sided with corporate interests and voted against Montana families. In addition to recent votes against protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions, Gianforte has also voted against reauthorizing funding for the Violence Against Women Act, for budgets that would make devastating cuts to Social Security and other safety net programs, and for a tax law that handed out hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to mega-millionaires and huge corporations.

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