Sold Out Room of Democrats in Billings Build Movement for 2020 at Annual Truman Dinner

Powerful energy pervaded the room at the Yellowstone County Democrats annual Truman Dinner in Billings last night. The desire to fight for America was palpable and the sense of urgency to save the soul of our nation was at the front of everyone’s mind.

Lt. Governor Mike Cooney told us that we have “535 days until election day” and it is in this amount of time that we can change our country and put it back on track into the 21st century.

Democrats must work with each other and fight as one with the knowledge that all ships rise together. We cannot play the old politics of deception and tearing each other down. It is as one we will stand together against the forces that look to divide us, greed and power, evil and ignorance, prejudice and deceit.

And now the great news, we finally have a candidate for Senate to beat Steve Daines!

Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins was in attendance at the dinner and while candidates for office were not given speaking time he did have a comment for me when requested, Democratic Candidate for Senate Wilmot Collins:

“I am just so happy to be in Billings listening to folks from Montana’s largest city and sharing an evening with them. I promise to always show up and listen to you. I promise to stand up for you in the halls of power and I will always fight for the Montana that we all know and love.”

“Look for me on the campaign trail, I promise you, I won’t be hard to find.”

That is sending a powerful message to Steve Daines, we are lucky to have a candidate with so much passion, energy and desire to serve. Such a refreshing voice. Glad he’ll be available publicly. Donate to help Wilmot win here: DONATE

Democratic Candidate for Attorney General Raph Graybill captured the sense of the evening well:

“The path to victory for progressives goes through Billings. I’m thrilled with the outpouring of support. There is so much energy in the room here tonight, that I know we are going to elect an Attorney General in 2020 who works for us again.”
Raph Graybill

Congressional candidate Kathleen Williams had a powerful message for Montana’s most wanted Congressman:

“In 2020 we can hold Greg Gianforte accountable for not voting to re-open the government and his vote against the Violence Against Women Act.”

Rep. Emma Kerr-Carpenter, one of my favorite legislators, spoke with me about the 2019 legislative session:

“Thrilled to be at home, I feel really good about the session, it was an incredible team of Democrats.”

A potential candidate for statewide office, John Lewis, was optimistic for 2020:

“It’s exciting to be here, a lot of energy, people want change. When you get 74% of Montana voters to turnout in a midterm [2018] you have unprecedented energy.”

Veteran Billings political strategist Tully Olson shared:

“A sold-out room of Democrats in Billings shows the movement is strong and reverberating.”

Local activist Maggi Beeson shared about Governor Bullock running for President:

“I really like him,” and followed that to earn her vote “I have to know that he’s going to take on Trump.”

Jim Messina was the keynote speaker and through a slew of gosh darnits and self-deprecating stories about his time in D.C. he shared some notes for 2020.

I agreed with Jim Messina on one main point he made:

“Polling sucks. Don’t Believe the Polls.”

Former Senator and Ambassador Max Baucus told long tales of his accomplishments and jokes and stated for the record that when talking to Democrats:

“I appreciate criticism.”

I enjoyed having a good conversation with Senator and Ambassador Baucus. I thanked him for his work in the Senate and his work to bring healthcare to Montanans with the Affordable Care Act. It has directly impacted my family in many ways and thanked him several times for getting it over the finish line.

It was a great night to be in Billings. We must fight everywhere, especially in Yellowstone County and the momentum built last night was a great start to real change coming to Montana and America in 2020.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • To the author of this article, Nathan Kosted:
    While I understand your appreciation for the Affordable Care Act, I personally will never let Max off the hook for not even allowing the debate for a Medicare for All option as the committee chair … pretty lame, but expected with the Big Insurance and Pharma $$$ he raked in for decades

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