Wilmot Collins and Steve Bullock Just Made Montana the Center of the Political Universe

What a time to be alive. America 2019. Buckle up!

Have you caught your breath yet? Holy cow this has been a week and it is only Thursday.

As a Montanan, I watched the video with happiness, surprise, and awe as I saw Montana’s mayor Wilmot Collins announce he’s running to take back our Senate seat from Steve Daines.

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With Wilmot running we have a candidate that none of us could have imagined, a person who survived the Liberian civil war and every day since then has dedicated his life to serving the state that took him in, raised him and is his home, Montana.

Wilmot Collins is a man that is hard to put into words, incredible is one way, tireless is another, a community member and family man is the best description. He is also a military veteran signing up to serve the country that took him in.

Throw Wilmot a donation, we must take back the Senate, stop Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines.


Oh and Montana’s Governor, Steve Bullock is also running for President, what? This is madness, no, this is MONTANA!

Hahaha, I have not been this happy about politics in a LONG time, at least a decade. 2008 was a special year, we elected Barack Obama, Denise Juneau, Steve Bullock and Democrats up and down the ticket, but 2020 might just be bett…oops, don’t want to jinx it.

I watched Steve Bullock absolutely master an interview with Rachel Maddow last night, he was calm, smooth and it felt like he was talking to you on the walking mall in Helena.

I know many people wanted Steve Bullock to run for Senate, but as a Montanan, I could not be prouder of our governor who is willing to take Trump head on and save us all from the sleepless nights and panicked mornings.

With Steve Bullock, we get a candidate who gets results by working across the aisle and delivering for all Montanans.

Steve Bullock says no more! No more copper kings or orange kings, no more Kings!

Bullock for President 2020 has a website you can visit here: SteveBullock.com


If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • If Bullock were actually interested in doing what was best for MT, he’d be running for the US Senate against Daines. There’s actually a chance of that happening. But he seems to be following in the footsteps of hiss predecessor — abandoning MT for a bigger spotlight. And just what we need — another establishment neoliberal on the Dem Primary Clown bus.

    • Linda – just get behind the Democratic candidates and support them. Stop picking them apart, be glad we have people who are willing to take on the status quo. It is well past time for a change in the Senate and the White House!

  • Bullock should be running for Senate, but he doesn’t believe he could win.
    At least in that race he has a chance.
    As for Collins….breaking 40% against Daines would be a minor miracle.

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