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Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins Sets the Record Straight on the Great Fried Chicken Debate

I know Suds Hut in Helena has great chicken. They don’t discriminate against the LGBT community and its a local business. A win, win, win! – Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins

When it comes to fighting for his city, his state and his country you won’t fight a fiercer advocate than Wilmot Collins.

A Navy Veteran and the Mayor of Helena, Wilmot Collins set the record straight yesterday on the great chicken debate that AG Fox started a few days ago in a successful bid for some free press on an absurdly annoying and downright disgusting proposal to a fast food chain.

Wilmot Collins is a great representative of his city and our great state. Instead of dividing us he promotes a local business that believes in delivering a delicious product, at a great price, all without funding groups that believe in electrocuting people, as gay conversion therapy does and chickfila promotes through its donations to the Family Research Council.

Sorry, Tim Fox but Greg Gianforte has the Family Research Council on speed dial, better stick to your lane, whatever that is, as your list of accomplishments at DOJ is thinner than the sweet tea at chickfila.

Perhaps Tim Fox should give Rehberg a call about chicken chains too as the Popeye’s in Kalispell can’t even stay open in the winter, it is merely a seasonal operation.

Also, why is Tim Fox promoting a business that attempts to convince Americans to eat chicken, not beef. Sounds like Steve Daines better send up the socialism flag on this commie Fox for not promoting Montana beef.

I’ve been having my own debate with my friends of late about where you can get the best chicken in Montana. Suds Hut always tops the list, along with Double Front in Missoula and The Roost in Bozeman.

Better stick to local chicken AG Fox. I recommend eating at any of these Montana establishments when you visit any of these wonderful cities and leave the chickfila to Greg Gianforte.

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